Food Freedom: Learn how to “grow half of your own food” with sustainable, organic methods that can be practiced anywhere

Image: Food Freedom: Learn how to “grow half of your own food” with sustainable, organic methods that can be practiced anywhere

(Natural News) Is there anything better than chowing down on food grown in your own backyard? Homegrown produce has distinct flavors that simply can’t be beaten by the fruits and vegetables sold in the grocery. That isn’t just satisfaction you’re tasting—you’re also savoring unmatched food safety and security.

When you grow your own food, you control what does and doesn’t go into it. This means that you’re sure that your produce has no harmful pesticides and dangerous chemicals. If you love potatoes, peppers, or tomatoes, then you should definitely consider raising your own since these tend to have the highest pesticide loads.

Do you know that growing your own gardens saves you money as well? After all, you won’t have to spend a lot of time or money shopping for your favorite greens when you can just step outside. Nor will you have to worry about the risk of your fruits or vegetables containing disease-spreading bacteria.

The only downside to this that you’ll have to pour in a lot of time and effort into high-quality homegrown produce.

Or so it seems.

You can grow half of what you eat in less than an hour every day — and you don’t even need a lot of space for it.

It’s not an impossibility. It’s what The Grow Network CEO and founder, Marjory Wildcraft, will teach you in her instructional video, Grow Half.

For 72 hours only, you’ll be able to watch this informative and empowering film at no cost. Learn the essentials of sustainable and organic food production through a system that has everything down pat. From the amount of space you need to the number of calories yielded by what you grow, you’re sure to gain a whole lot of information on how to grow your own garden.

Register today to watch Grow Half, from March 20th to 22nd, 2018.

Take this important step towards self-reliance, self-sustenance, and self-discovery. Thousands of others have already made this important journey. Now it’s your turn to do the same.




Crucial must read update! Massive disinfo campaign to discredit Russia and derail Russian election.

So this is not considered US tampering on Russian elections? Hypocrisy is the West’s modus operandi!

Straight out lies… so much easier to shoot down the official MSM narrative and spread the word!

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Someone just wrote to me saying they didn’t understand my reasoning in URGENT! Qui Bono? Skripal Spy Scandal and UK’s Ultimatum to Russia (Lada Ray Analysis + Newest Intel!)

Which part didn’t make sense to this specific person, I don’t know. But I can tell you that what I have warned and predicted time and again in my FT articles, videos,  interviews, ESRs and ESWs IS coming true!

Perhaps some people can understand only sensationalism and tiny tidbits – they should go to the US MSM and yellow press.


Just the very latest confirmation of my analysis and predictions re. Skripal poisoning as one of the means to sabotage Russian Elections, intimidate and twist the hands of the Russian elites so they would betray Russia and Putin, as well as to sabotage the upcoming World Cup in Russia.


This was sent…

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Whole truth about RUSSIA IN SYRIA and E. Ghouta crisis! Latest!

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Quick but necessary follow-up to my latest post from several minutes ago:

Exposing US/West lies about Syria, Assad and Russia, which you have seen in the above post!

Meanwhile, this is what’s REALLY happening in E. Ghouta as we speak:

“Evil’ Russians and ‘evil’ Syria/Assad are conducting MASS EVACUATION OF CIVILIANS AS THE MILITANTS ARE BEGINNING to see the light!

To ensure peace, Russians and Syrians have negotiated a truce. THE MILITANTS WHO DON’T WANT TO FIGHT ARE LAYING DOWN ARMS AND LEAVE EASTERN GHOUTA, together with their families!

Live footage from today, March 15, 3018:

Whole truth about RUSSIA IN SYRIA!

Banner 3

Your complete intel and overview of what is happening in Syria/E. Ghouta in

NEW Earth Shift Report 20Earth Shift Battleground SYRIA

Also read latest:

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Hacker News: Trojanized BitTorrent Software Update Hijacked 400,000 PCs Last Week


A massive malware outbreak that last week infected nearly half a million computers with cryptocurrency mining malware in just a few hours was caused by a backdoored version of popular BitTorrent client called MediaGet.

Dubbed Dofoil (also known as Smoke Loader), the malware was found dropping a cryptocurrency miner program as payload on infected Windows computers that mine Electroneum digital coins for attackers using victims’ CPU cycles.

Dofoil campaign that hit PCs in Russia, Turkey, and Ukraine on 6th March was discovered by Microsoft Windows Defender research department and blocked the attack before it could have done any severe damages.

At the time when Windows Defender researchers detected this attack, they did not mention how the malware was delivered to such a massive audience in just 12 hours.

However, after investigation Microsoft today revealed that the attackers targeted the update mechanism of MediaGet BitTorrent software to push its trojanized version (mediaget.exe) to users’ computers.

“A signed mediaget.exe downloads an update.exe program and runs it on the machine to install a new mediaget.exe. The new mediaget.exe program has the same functionality as the original but with additional backdoor capability,” the researchers explain in a blog post published today.

Researchers believe MediaGet that signed update.exe is likely to be a victim of the supply chain attack, similar to CCleaner hack that infected over 2.3 million users with the backdoored version of the software in September 2017.


Also, in this case, the attackers signed the poisoned update.exe with a different certificate and successfully passed the validation required by the legitimate MediaGet.

“The dropped update.exe is a packaged InnoSetup SFX which has an embedded trojanized mediaget.exe, update.exe. When run, it drops a trojanized unsigned version of mediaget.exe.”

Once updated, the malicious BitTorrent software with additional backdoor functionality randomly connects to one (out of four) of its command-and-control (C&C) servers hosted on decentralized Namecoin network infrastructure and listens for new commands.

It then immediately downloads CoinMiner component from its C&C server, and start using victims’ computers mine cryptocurrencies for the attackers.

Using C&C servers, attackers can also command infected systems to download and install additional malware from a remote URL.

The researchers found that the trojanized BitTorrent client, detected by Windows Defender AV as Trojan:Win32/Modimer.A, has 98% similarity to the original MediaGet binary.

Microsoft says behavior monitoring and AI-based machine learning techniques used by its Windows Defender Antivirus software have played an important role to detect and block this massive malware campaign.

Swati - Hacking News
Technical Writer, Security Blogger and IT Analyst. She is a Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments.

URGENT! Qui Bono? Skripal Spy Scandal and UK’s Ultimatum to Russia (Lada Ray Analysis + Newest Intel!)

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You are reading FREE PART 7 of the New Exclusive Serialized

Earth Shift Report 21: PUTIN 2018 & RUSSIAN ELECTION!



Qui Bono? Skripal Spy Scandal and UK’s Ultimatum to Russia

(Lada Ray Analaysis + Newest Intel & new London death!)


A big farcical show for the Western sheeple and global Russophobes is being enacted in the UK. Ex-spy Sergey Skripal and his daughter were found in a local square, allegedly poisoned by nerve gas. They are in a hospital in critical condition. Salisbury is located about 1.5 hour trip by car from London.

Sergey Skripal UK spy poisoning scandal with daugher Yulia

Sergey Skripal with daughter Yulia, at a Salisbury restaurant, UK

The UK authorities made a big dog and pony show out of the supposed ‘nerve gas poisoning.’ Not only massive numbers of police were present, but also hundreds of armed troops and people in hazmat protection…

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URGENT! UNKNOWN PUTIN: I gave order to stop plane heading for Sochi Winter Olympics Stadium!

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This was minutes before the Sochi Opening Ceremony, when Putin had to smile and shake everyone’s hands, while a potential catastrophe was looming. Putin received urgent report that a hijacked Ukrainian passenger plane with 110 on board, which was supposed to be heading from Ukraine to Turkey, was heading straight for the Sochi Olympic Stadium during the Opening Ceremony.

In the interview Putin says that minutes after the order was given to shoot down the plane, it turned out it was someone’s drunken stunt. No real plane was implicated.

I definitely beg to differ. Recall that it was in the midst of the Kiev Maidan and the ukro-nazi coup would happen just days after. The target of the whole op, orchestrated by the US, was always Russia. It was NOT a drunk stunt. It was a deliberate provocation with the aim to disrupt the Opening Ceremony, and if possible, the…

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Health Ranger lawyers issue demand to YouTube: Show justification for termination or reinstate video channel

Image: Health Ranger lawyers issue demand to YouTube: Show justification for termination or reinstate video channel

(Natural News) In the most egregious demonstration yet of outright tyranny and oppression of free speech, YouTube terminated the entire Health Ranger channel(“TheHealthRanger”) without explanation over a week ago. Since then, the internet has expressed increasing outrage toward YouTube for blatant censorship of a channel with over 350,000 subscribers, 1700+ videos and over a decade of video content covering natural medicine, home gardening, laboratory science and liberty podcasts.

The blatant censorship purge being carried out by tech gatekeepers like Google, YouTube and Facebook can only be called “techno-fascism,” and it’s rooted in radical left-wing ideology that has disturbingly morphed into an intolerance cult of totalitarian nut jobs. These people believe that censoring all political opponents is a “victory” for their twisted ideology, and they have now weaponized their power to censor into a campaign of oppression that’s so dangerous, even the creator of the World Wide Web is now calling for the tech giants to be urgently regulated to protect free speech.

“What was once a rich selection of blogs and websites has been compressed under the powerful weight of a few dominant platforms,” warned Tim Berners-Lee in this Web Foundation post. “This concentration of power creates a new set of gatekeepers, allowing a handful of platforms to control which ideas and opinions are seen and shared.”

“What’s more, the fact that power is concentrated among so few companies has made it possible to weaponise the web at scale,” Lee added. He’s referring to the tendency for concentrated power to be exploited and abused by those who wield it. Today, Google, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter pose a very real danger to democracy and freedom, and they are selectively targeting independent media voices for termination or suppression.

Watch Ben Swann explain it, if they don’t ban his video by the time you read this:

Health Ranger lawyers demand answers from YouTube

Today, my legal team has issued a demand letter to YouTube, seeking justification for why the channel was banned and demanding the channel be restored. When YouTube terminates your channel and memory holes all your videos, they provide no evidence whatsoever to justify their decision. They don’t name a video that was in violation, and they have no process for appealing the decision or defending yourself against false accusations.

YouTube’s censorship process is the very definition of techno-tyranny: You’re deemed guilty merely by being accused, even without a shred of actual evidence against you. That’s why we’ve demanded that YouTube present evidence of a violation of their community guidelines. Because, truth be told, no such evidence exists. YouTube faked the “violations” accusation in order to terminate my video channel for political reasons alone.

This is exactly what Google did over a year ago to blacklist the domainfrom the Google index for six days. They fabricated a completely fake technical reason, then deleted the entire Natural News website. Six days later, the site was turned back on, without explanation. Never in this entire process did Google provide a single shred of evidence of any technical violation having occurred. In fact, thousands of webmasters reviewed the Natural News website during that dust-up, and there wasn’t a single webmaster who could locate any technical violation that would have justified Google’s blatant censorship of the domain.

That’s why it’s no surprise that YouTube — owned by Google — pulled the same shenanigans a week ago, terminating The Health Ranger channel utterly without justification or rational explanation. A close review of Health Ranger content — now available at this Vimeo channel— reveals no violation whatsoever of legitimate community guidelines. My videos contained near-zero profanity, for example, and criticism against individuals was focused on public figures such as Al Gore, Joe Biden, Jimmy Kimmel or Hillary Clinton.

Health Ranger channel banned for claiming “there are only two genders?”

In the last few days, I was told by an individual who claimed to be a YouTube insider that my channel was terminated because I claimed there were only two genders.

It wasn’t the politics or liberty-oriented content that resulted in a termination, I was told: It was my unwillingness to bow down and lick the boots of the LGBT mafia, which has increasingly become a totalitarian mob of thought police and victimology experts who are now trying to memory hole genetic science and biological reality.

Any person who claims that children are born as either male or female — rather than the “undecided” status the LGBT cultists demand — is deemed an intolerant bigot. Yes, merely quoting biological reality is now enough to make you an enemy of the deranged, lunatic Left (which now saturates the twisted culture of YouTube and Google).

To fully grasp the insanity of the LGBT mafia’s demands for irrational conformity, imagine if there were a group of “anti-gravity” cultists who targeted you to be silenced if you dared mention that you believe in gravity. The sheer delusion of the LGBT nut jobs and their make believe “infinite genders” quackery is laughable to any legitimate scientist or biologist, yet these delusions have now become required “confessions” in order to maintain your right to speak online. In other words, to have any voice at all on YouTube, Facebook, Google or Twitter, you are now required to state outrageously false things, like believing that XX / XY chromosomes don’t control gender expression, or that human babies are born “gender-less,” requiring their gender to be arbitrarily “assigned” after they are born. (Yes, this lunacy is literally what the Left now believes… it’s beyond crazy…)

These ideas are sheer lunacy. They are blatantly, obviously false and self-contradictory. But they are pushed in such dangerous fashion that failing to publicly embrace these delusions can get you fired from your job, denied entrance into a college or censored on YouTube.

The Left has devolved into a cult of deranged lunatics who demand you “confess” to insane, false beliefs

This is what the Left has come to: A delusional, tyrannical cult of lunatics who invent new delusions each week while requiring you to progressively accept and profess your conformity to each one, even as they become increasingly bizarre. This week, you’re told that human babies are born as gender-less beings… next week, you’ll be told that all white people must be executed for “social justice” (or that all cops are evil and should be killed on sight). Before long, the insane Left will be insisting that sex between a man and a woman is an unnatural, evil thing, and they will fill all the men’s restrooms with tampon dispensing machines while celebrating man-boy pedophilia because “love wins.”

Once you abandon reason and detach your worldview from biological reality, you can be swept down the rabbit hole to believe any insanity that’s put in front of you alongside socially-enforced demands for conformity and obedience. It won’t be long before lunatic Leftists demand the elimination of all mathematics, philosophy and science from public education, citing the “white privilege racism” of history’s philosophers and scientists. In place of the hard sciences, universities and public schools will teach “social justice,” victimhood and left-wing “language conformity,” which is a collision of libtard lunacy and desperate virtue signaling gender-loony pronouns. Soon, you won’t even be able to talk to a leftist because they will have destroyed the meaning of words, language and rationality itself. Leftism will descend into a cesspool of conforming gender-babble and spontaneous victimhood posturing spouted by snowflake crybullies who claim the right to murder anyone with whom they disagree. This, they call “utopia.”

Even right now, college campuses across America have become sewers of deranged “social justice” indoctrination that utterly lack any basis in law, reason or rationality. Colleges have descended into what are essentially domestic terrorism training camps for Antifa activists who quite literally plan to carry out a violent, Stalinesque purge of this nation. They are being taught that committing murder is perfectly acceptable as long as their targets are conservatives, Trump supporters, white people or successful business owners.

YouTube, of course, is aiding and abetting these terrorists by silencing the channels that dare question the runaway lunacy of it all. That’s because YouTube is largely run by the very same lunatics who are building Antifa terrorism groups and planning a “revolution” to overthrow this nation. The inmates are truly running the asylum.

Urgent regulation of tech giants now needed

That’s how YouTube, Google, Facebook and even Twitter have become a clear and present danger to this Republic. It’s also why I believe the offices of these tech companies will be among the very first targets to be occupied and controlled by pro-America forces once the civil war begins (which seems increasingly near with each passing day).

It’s also becoming clear to me that the deranged, lunatic Left has crossed the tipping point into utter lawlessness and the rejection of abiding by any rules at all. This has become abundantly clear in California’s “Sanctuary State” laws that reject federal immigration enforcement and openly seek to protect illegal felons, rapists and murderers from deportation. To the deranged Left, violent illegals are more important and valuable than American citizens, because illegals are granted the instant right to vote in California, which means illegal aliens are literally electing U.S. members of Congress.

Consider the implication of that for a moment and you’ll realize the extreme danger of allowing the lunatic Left to have any power at all. That’s why the tech giants must be urgently regulated to protect the free speech of internet users. The so-called Internet Bill of Rights (IBOR) is gaining momentum, and indications are that President Trump is going to push for new protections that would limit the ability of tech giants to selectively censor people based on the content of their speech.

That’s exactly what needs to happen, of course. If we don’t regulate tech giants and force them to stop their outrageous censorship, we will lose this nation forever, and it will be overrun by a deranged liberal mob of hate-filled lunatics who seek death, destruction, censorship and tyranny over everyone else. The result of that will be, as All News Pipeline warns, “Rivers Of Blood Flowing Through The Streets Of America.”

In fact, that outcome may already be inescapable, as the lunatic Left seems so far beyond reach that the possibility of reinserting Leftists into a law-abiding, democratic society appears to be virtually zero.

Stay informed. Read for daily news on politics, liberty and our Republic.