Can Trump still win? Extreme worse cast scenario

Thursday, November 26, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) The Situation Update bombshells just keep getting more intense by the day. Right now, the average American news consumer is 100% clueless of reality, having no idea that treasonous operators across America are being extracted, placed in private contractor “rendition flights” and are being subjected to in-flight interrogations until they confess to their roles in attempting to overthrow the United States of America.

This is happening every hour of every day, right this very minute. We know this because of flight track records which are OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) information.

We also know that the pardon of Gen. Michael Flynn has further confirmed that DoD personnel are being aligned for the “national defense” option that gets triggered if SCOTUS fails to uphold the rule of law. The rigged, fraudulent election that just took place was an act of international cyber warfare against the United States of America, and this places the authority for dealing with the election fraud outside the courts and even outside SCOTUS. Because the election interference was a cyber warfare attack on declared critical U.S. infrastructure, President Trump has the option to invoke a national defense response, complete with SOF (Special Operations Forces) deployment domestically, as well as the invocation of the Insurrection Act as well as the Fourteenth Amendment provisions that strip electoral votes from states engaged in rebellion.

Trump may also invoke the NDAA, and combined with his Sep. 12, 2018 execute order, Trump may designated those who engaged in coordinated election rigging as “enemy combatants,” allowing them to be extracted, detained and even interrogated, completely outside the normal court system. (This power of government, by the way, is extremely dangerous and must be repealed, but it currently rests in the hands of President Trump, years after treasonous sleeper cell Barack Obama signed it into law. Trump should use this power, defeat the deep state, then move to repeal this power permanently.)

In today’s Situation Update, I lay out all these details (and more) in a rapid-fire format, covering the rendition flights, DoD personnel alignment, the SCOTUS option, the post-SCOTUS military option, and much more. If you want to stay informed on what’s really happening at the highest levels of power in the United States military and government, listen to this Nov. 26th Situation Update podcast (and feel free to repost elsewhere such as Bitchute or Rumble):

To hear previous Situation Updates from yesterday and the days before, visit my Health Ranger Report channel on

Also watch this fascinating, timely interview for former DIA intelligence analyst Jeffrey Prather:

God bless America.

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♪Ashkenazy: Beethoven – Sonata 8 Opus 13 (Pathéthique)


Live recording from the University of Essex, Colchester (1972)
Vladimir Ashkenazy – piano

Ludwig van Beethoven – Sonata No. 8 in C minor Opus 13 (Pathetique)

0:37 Grave – Allegro di molto e con brio
10:07 Adagio cantabile
15:39 Rondo: Allegro

Click here for the whole performance:

With a Biden Win, The War Party Will Be Back in Full Force

11/17/2020Alice Salles

If Democratic candidate Joe Biden is elected America’s forty-sixth president, what happens to the mandate to end the endless wars? It doesn’t go away, but rather falls on the Democrat-controlled House and (presumably, for now) Republican-controlled Senate.

President Donald Trump was elected partly due to his promise to rein in the US government’s military intervention abroad. He managed to not start any new wars, but he hasn’t ended any either. That may be changing in Afghanistan now. Only time will tell, but it’ll have to be be sooner rather than later.

However dissatisfying Trump’s contributions to peace and a nonintervention foreign policy have been, his policies have also enraged the War Party, which went all in for Biden.

The late antiwar writer Justin Raimondo once described the War Party this way: “that complex of social, political, and economic forces that constitute a permanent and powerful lobby on behalf of imperialism and militarism.”

With a long list of war hawks as his backers and Senator Kamala Harris as his running mate, there is no hope that Biden will embrace Trump’s foreign policy agenda, let alone be a more antiwar version of President Barack Obama.

Neoconservatives Back Biden

In June 2020, nearly three hundred former Bush officials announced they were backing Biden as president by launching a PAC.

Hoping to mobilize disaffected hawkish Republicans who felt marginalized due to Trump’s win, the group added dozens of former senator Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign staffers as well as more than a hundred former staff members of deceased senator John McCain’s congressional offices.

The alliance was so effective in bringing neoconservatives together with the sole purpose of beating Trump’s foreign policy that more than seventy former US national security officials joined the effort.

To them, Trump’s term proved crippling to America’s national security. A Biden presidency, on the other hand, would mean a return to a fully bellicose America.

“Very capable foreign policy advisers stood by him during the election campaign,” former secretary of state Henry Kissinger, famous for his role in terror bombing Vietnam and Cambodia, said recently.

Nothing in Biden’s record or campaign offers any sign that he will run things differently from Trump’s recent predecessors. Biden has supported virtually every war that the US has waged during his near forty years in office, including while he was the ranking Democrat on the Foreign Affairs Committee in the run-up to the 2003 Iraq War. Furthermore, his campaign has claimed Biden will initially use diplomacy to force Syria’s Bashar al-Assad to “share power.” In other words, a Biden/Harris administration would actively seek to bring yet another Middle Eastern leader down.

None of this was made an issue in the media this year. Instead, the Commission on Presidential Debates removed foreign policy from the final debate. Reporters covering Biden never grilled him on his foreign policy stances, and his campaign released little information on what the candidate intended to do with the troops stationed in the Middle East.

That doesn’t mean the American people don’t care about foreign policy. In addition to the ascendant progressive caucus of the Democratic Party, Trump also improved on his support from 2016 and so did Republicans running who embraced his America First agenda. The wars abroad remain unpopular.

What remains to be seen is whether Congress will collapse under pressure from the War Party or seize upon the disconnect between Biden and the American people. Unfortunately, recent history all but guarantees that some congressmen and senators will deem the former more advantageous for their political careers.

“War Caucus”

In early 2019, Trump announced he was planning on pulling US forces out of Syria. The Islamic State had been defeated, he explained, and there was no reason why US troops should remain in the region. Going against intelligence officials, he ordered the military to lay the groundwork for troop removal, beginning with half of the fourteen thousand US forces that at the time remained in Afghanistan.

Following his announcement, McConnell sponsored an amendment opposing Trump’s plan, arguing that the Islamic State as well as al-Qaeda remained a threat to the United States. A withdrawal then would be “precipitous,” McConnell argued, as it would “allow terrorists to regroup, destabilize critical regions and create vacuums that could be filled by Iran or Russia.”

With the support of senators from both parties, the amendment passed. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), one of the few who stood against it, congratulated Trump for being “bold enough and strong enough” to bring the troops home.

Calling the bipartisanship group a “war caucus,” Paul criticized Democrats and Republicans for coming together against the president.

“What is the one thing that brings Republicans and Democrats together?” Paul asked reporters. “War—they love it. The more, the better. Forever war, perpetual war.”Author:

Alice Salles

Alice Salles was born and raised in Brazil but has lived in America for over ten years. She now lives in Fort Wayne, Indiana with her husband Nick Hankoff and their three children.  


Really?? • 2 days ago

The elected elderly gasbags in both parties love war. It allows them to be elected and re-elected on the platform of “national security” when, in reality, the opponents they target pose little or no real threat to national security and military forces seem incapable of defeating them after literally decades of fighting. The political incentive is to continue endless foreign wars that have no strategy or concept of victory. Orwell might correctly observe that “War is Peace.”ReplyShare ›


Flávio Gomes • 2 days ago

I see little to no opposition to endless war in the US. On the contrary. I’m surrounded by soldier worshippers telling me I owe my salvation to Christ and to the American Soldier, in pretty much equal shares.

Panama rolls out new residency options

Simon Black  November 18, 2020  Santiago, Chile

If the idea of packing up and leaving has crossed your mind lately, you certainly aren’t alone.

With so many people across the globe staring at a new wave of COVID lockdowns, higher taxes, more chaos in their cities, etc., heading out for greener pastures is a really attractive proposition, especially now that so many people are able to work from home.

Even if you’re not ready to make a move just yet, you might be concerned about the direction of your home country. And in that case, you certainly want to at least start considering your options.

If you ever did have to leave, where would you go? That’s a question you want to answer way in advance, and not wait until you’re packing your bags. So if you ever do feel the need to make an abrupt exit, all the groundwork will already have been laid.

That’s why legal residency in a foreign country is such an important part of a Plan B; it means that no matter what happens in your home country, you’ll always have another place to go. And in Covid times, that makes even more sense.

This year we saw governments all over the world lock down their borders, shutting themselves off to foreigners.

But if you had legal residency (or citizenship) in that country, in most cases you were still allowed in.

For example, here in Chile, the government closed down its borders to all foreigners early in the pandemic. But anyone with Chilean citizenship, or legal residency, was still allowed to come and go.

Citizenship is still the ultimate insurance policy. In many respects, legal residency still provides a ton of similar benefits, but it can be easier and cheaper to obtain.

And just like you can have multiple citizenships, you can also have a portfolio of residencies which gives you the option to live, work and travel in a multitude of countries.

There’s nothing stopping you, for example, from having legal residency in four different countries at the same time.

We’ve talked about Panama a LOT over the years; it’s already one of the easiest places in the world to obtain legal residency.

For most people, Panama’s “Friendly Nations visa” is the best approach. And since 2012, this visa has allowed citizens from 50 countries to easily obtain residency.

There are a number of ways to do it, but probably the easiest option is to demonstrate economic activity by registering a corporation in Panama, opening a bank account, and depositing about $10,000 into it.

Friendly Nations include countries such as the USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, and many European countries. You can find the full list of Friendly Nation countries here.

But if you aren’t a citizen of one of those countries, Panama has introduced a few new options to obtain residency by making an investment in the country.

[I expect these options are aimed towards Russian and Chinese citizens, but they’re open to anyone.]

One option is to invest a minimum of $300,000 in Panamanian real estate; this approach is similar to, say, Portugal’s ‘golden visa’ program.

$300,000 is the minimum, but you can spend more obviously. You can even finance the property with a local bank, as long your down payment is at least $300,000.

The real estate investment must be held for at least five years, after which you can sell it and pocket any gains.

(Note that after October 16, 2022, the investment requirement increases to $500,000.)

Panama will also issue permanent residency to foreigners who deposit $750,000 in a Panamanian bank in a fixed deposit (like a CD) for five years.

Personally I would be against that option; Panamanian banks have serious reputational issues and in my mind it’s not worth the risk of parking significant cash there.

Another option for permanent residency in Panama is to invest $500,000 in Panamanian stocks via a licensed brokerage firm, again, for a minimum of five years.

Each of these options also requires another $10,000 in fees for the main applicant, plus $2,000 per dependent.

Of course, each of these options is much more expensive and requires much more capital than the Friendly Nations Visa.

But if you’re looking for a way in to Panama and don’t qualify under the Friendly Nations Visa, you could consider these investment options. There are definitely some interesting opportunities in Panamanian real estate, so that may be the most reasonable option to consider.

One nice thing about the new investment options is that you can do it all through a power of attorney, without actually ever setting foot in Panama. So there’s a fair amount of flexibility.

Each of these options can be completed within as little as 30 days of submitting the proof that you have complied with the requirements.

(If you want to learn more, we go into even more depth about the newest Panama investment visa options here.)

The overall trend around the world certainly seems to be countries opening up to foreigners who want residency and citizenship.

We have highlighted a number of countries actively trying to attract foreign remote workers by offering easy temporary residency, like Estonia, Georgia, Barbados, and Bermuda.

And then there are economic citizenship programs that have become even cheaper, like St. Kitts and St. Lucia.

And now these new options to obtain residency in Panama.

A lot of governments have finally realized that they need to roll out the red carpet to foreign investors and highly mobile workers, so this is a positive sign.

Just remember that these programs can and do change. And on occasion they’re even cancelled—which recently happened with Cyprus’s Citizenship by Investment program.

So I’d encourage you to not procrastinate. You will want to consider taking action before anything changes, and before your Plan B becomes your Plan A.

Insurance is only worthwhile if you have it before disaster strikes.

To your freedom……

Simon Black,

Quote of the day

My concern is the immediate, this moment. Beyond this moment nothing exists. The only time that is existential is now and the only space that matters is here. So I don’t care what happens in the future — neither the past nor the future have any validity.

But that is the way of the mind: the mind can only think in terms of past and future, the mind cannot experience the present; it deviates from the present continuously. The mind is like a pendulum: it moves to the left, the far left, or to the right, the far right. Either it is leftist or rightist — and my whole approach is to be exactly in the middle.


Is the Democratic Party still “party of the little guy”, fighting for the working class?

by Frank Holmes

While Republican lawsuits around the country are accusing Democrats of rigging the election, there’s another lie the GOP should expose once and for all: The Republicans, not the Democrats, are now the party of average voters. Even though it still bills itself as the “party of the little guy,” the Democrats have slowly turned into the party of the super-rich, the celebrities, and Silicon Valley tech giants.

It’s not just wealthy megadonors like George Soros, Warren Buffett, and Tom Steyer who support the Democratic Party. It’s the upper-middle class, the affluent but not-quite upper crust.

On the eve of the 2020 election, Democrats controlled 26 of the 27 wealthiest congressional districts. From the wealthy suburbs of Wall Street and Washington, D.C., to San Francisco’s Bay, rich with tech stocks, Democrats hold all the cards.

The Democrats have stopped being the party of factory workers and farmers and become the party of trial lawyers, government workers, and the elites in every town.

The polls help tell the story. “In 1994, 39% of those with a four-year college degree (no postgraduate experience) identified with or leaned toward the Democratic Party and 54% associated with the Republican Party,” according to a Pew Research poll. “In 2017, those figures were exactly reversed

Republicans have won over people who didn’t go to college at all—for years, the heart of FDR’s Democratic Party—too. In the late 1990s through the early 2000s, Democrats held a five-point lead among people without a college education. But in 2020, Donald Trump won that group by eight points.

Even though the head of the GOP is a billionaire, Donald Trump’s favorite meal is McDonald’s—while Joe Biden’s favorite toy is his 1967 Corvette convertible. Republicans talk about working class issues: crime, paying your bills, keeping our country strong. Democrats have campaigned on things like defunding the police, raising taxes, and calling a boy using the girl’s locker room a “civil right.” Ordinary people don’t see themselves served in that.

The best description of this decades-long change came from Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Tex.

“We’re seeing nationally two crosscutting demographic trends,” Ted Cruz told MSNBC. “We’re seeing blue-collar voters, union households moving right. That’s moving Midwestern states more Republican.”

“At the same time,” he continued, “we’re seeing suburban voters and, in many cases, suburban women, moving left. And that’s moving big suburban states like Arizona, like Texas, like Georgia.” That voting swing and the population influx from liberal states to the South teamed up to turn the sun belt “more purple” in 2020.

Democrats and their allies, from Hillary Clinton to Rick Wilson to Peter Strzok, have gotten a kick out of humiliating Trump’s supporters by calling them “deplorables,” or making fun of their accents, or laughing about the fact that they have to shop at Walmart. But at least a few Democrats think the party is losing its way.

One of them is Bill Maher, the host of HBO’s Real Time, who let his party have it in a scathing video clip this weekend.

“Democrats too often don’t come across as having common sense to a huge swath of Americans,” he said.

The working class keeps telling the elite Democratic Party that “our primary purpose for voting for (Trump) is to create a bulwark against you. Because your side thinks silence is violence and looting is not.”

Other Democrats also wish their party did a better job of caring for the poor instead of the Woke.

“Working class white people have come to see the (conservative) movement as their champion,” wrote Martin Longman at the liberal magazine the Washington Monthly. “I don’t see this as a positive development. I don’t want to see the left abandon the little guy (regardless or race or religion) or see the little guy abandon the left.”

At the same time, a figurehead at one of the most elite institutions in America is giving the Republicans some free advice: Stick with the lower-income voters who put your candidate in the White House.

“The working class is the heart of the Republican Party,” wrote New York Times columnist David Brooks. “The party needs to stop catering to the corporate class and start focusing on the shop owners, the plumbers, the salaried workers.”

If the GOP embraces the voters the Democrats have cast aside, they could form an unbeatable coalition.

Frank Holmes is a veteran journalist and an outspoken conservative that talks about the news that was in his weekly article, “On The Holmes Front.”

Trump attorney Sidney Powell declares the Kraken was already RELEASED… and the results are just beginning to emerge

Start buttering ur popcorn folks, the show’s about to start:

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 by: Mike Adams

(Natural News) Something huge is going down in Washington D.C. and across the nation, regarding the massive, treasonous vote theft and election fraud carried out by the Democrat party in collusion with communist China.

We previously reported that Trump had replaced Mark Esper as Secretary of Defense, and he’s been cleaning house at the DoD, replacing swamp creatures with patriots who will defend America.

Simultaneously, Trump attorney Sidney Powell says the Kraken has been released. “You’re just beginning to see the signs,” she explains in a tweet:

What is the Kraken, exactly? We don’t know for sure, but there was an explosion in military air traffic over the last two days that has been documented by Monkey Werx (see below). Multiple sources have confirmed with us that a unit of the DoD did carry out a raid on Scytl servers in Frankfurt, Germany, gaining possession of irrefutable proof of treasonous vote rigging by the CIA.

Listen to my Daily News Update podcast from yesterday for more details on that:

We also have President Trump cleaning house at the DoD, removing not just Mark Esper but also removing and replacing many other officials, creating a pro-America contingent inside the Pentagon that could conceivably carry out mass arrest orders against domestic traitors (i.e. Democrats who tried to steal the election by conspiring with foreign enemies).

Here’s the latest interview from Sidney Powell as she joins Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business network. Here, she explains how the Democrats are caught red handed trying to steal the election:

We also have a video from Monkey Werx from last night, detailing the astonishing number of military aircraft in the air (over 1,000) yesterday and last night, including at least one flight from Washington D.C. to GITMO. Monkey Werks, an expert in monitoring air traffic patterns as a precursor to major political events, explained that he believed “airborne rendition” was likely taking place, which means treasonous actors are put onto airplanes and interrogated either mid-air or at various black sites across the country.

This is likely being used to interrogate and flip many high-level sources who are now realizing they either need to testify as witnesses for the government or end up in prison for life (or worse).

This X22 Report episode explains that the deep state took the bait and fell right into Trump’s trap. Trump has all the evidence against them that’s needed to take them down and defend America:

Attorney Lin Wood is also confident that the deep state will be defeated and that Biden will go to prison. Here’s the interview:

Here’s the full transcript of the Howie Carr / Lin Wood interview:

Howie Carr:
This morning I woke up and I was looking over the tweets, and I saw a tweet from L. Linwood. He’s a famous lawyer. We can get into some of the cases, he has had Nicholas Sandmann for instance, from Covington Catholic. He was involved in the Richard Jewell case while back. I think he represents Kyle Rittenhouse now and the Kenosha shooter who defended himself.

He’s working on the campaign on the challenges, and he put out a tweet at 2:35 this morning. “Time now to rest, comfortable in my belief that @realDonaldTrump won a historic landslide victory across nation on November 3rd.Be patient. Biden will never be president of our nation.To the contrary, Biden, along with many others, will be an inmate.Be patient.Trust Trump”.

Joining us now is Lin wood. Thank you for that encouraging tweet.That really improved my mood, and I’m sure hundreds of thousands, if not millions of other people this morning Linwood.

L. Linwood:
Well, thank you Howie, and it’s a pleasure to speak with you. That tweet was at 2:35 AM, and that not only speaks to I think the time and effort that I’ve been putting into this, but really it reflects almost round the clock efforts by members of the legal profession and ordinary people.People of this country that are determined, and not only uncover the truth but to expose the truth. When all is known, I am 100% confident that Donald Trump will be present in United States for four more years, and I’m just as confident that Joe Biden and the people like him that they’ve been trying to steal this election, and committed crimes for years. They’re gonna all go to jail.

Howie Carr:
What leads you to be so optimistic? I mean,there’s still time, but we’re coming up to the dates of the voter certification deadline start at about nine or 10 days from now. As you know it’s so hard to prove a ballot fraud, especially when they’ve been mingling the bad ballots with the good ballots to make it impossible for the law abiding part of the population to do anything about this. Why are you confident? What leads you to think we’re going to win?

L. Linwood:
I believe in we, the people. This was a well-planned, probably almost for two decades,attack to overthrow our government. What was itwell done in the sense of trying to hide the fault? Sure, but it was too massive. Donald Trump surprised even the enemy by the wide margins in which he won and the key states they had targeted to steal.

In the middle of the night, they started having to produce tens of thousands, in some cases, hundreds of thousands of fake paper ballots, they had shut that up with COVID.

Will this be resolved by the courts? Yes, but I don’t believe that it necessarily has to be resolved by the courts before the people in this country fully recognized by the irrefutable evidence that Joe Biden is illegitimate. His folks were fraudulent. He tried to steal this election and he failed.
The people of this country will actually do what the people in this country are supposed to do. The people will decide who the next president of United States will be. It will be confirmed by the courts in terms of the legality of the frog, but between now, and when all these deadlines come to pass.

The evidence that will be put out over time will convince any fair-minded and objective American, even many who did not support Trump, that there was a concerted calculated effort to steal our government and our freedom. Then the process, the record will show that they themselves killed many people in this country. These people are despicable. They’re criminals going forward. I’m confident there will be no more corruption in the White House. Donald Trump’s going to drain the swamp, stay tuned.

Howie Carr:
Now, are you working in a specific state or you just working onthe overall strategy?

L. Linwood:
I’m working specifically on a lawsuit that’ll be filed in Georgia, where the Georgia election will have to be deemed unlawful and void because the Democrats got the secretary of state in Georgia to enter into a consent settlement and litigation in March of this year, where the secretary of state substantively changed the rules of the election as they related to the absentee ballots.The law doesn’t allow the secretary of state to do that. It has tobe done in a federal election by the state legislature.

Howie Carr:
Right, like in Pennsylvania.

L. Linwood:
Just like in Pennsylvania, just along the same legal grounds as Justice Alito ruled when he separated the ballots. The state of Georgia will ultimately have to have the governor order, I believe, we’ll have to have the order, the government order, a special session of the legislature. They will recognize that the election was unlawful and illegal, that it is likely impossible without it taking a considerable length of time to show the level of the fraud and the real vote count. So that under those circumstances, the legislature will select and elect the electors. Those electors from the state of Georgia will vote for Donald J. Trump.

Howie Carr:
That’s the easiest way, and that’s the constitutional way to resolve this massive fraud, but do you –Linwood, do you really think the legislators in Georgia and the other States, all of which basically are, except for Nevada, are controlled by Republicans in both branches. Do you really think the legislators have the wholeness to do that?

L. Linwood:
Well, legislators or politicians, and most of these state politicians, they have to run for office within a couple of years. Whether they have the kahunas to do it or not, too many of them are in government because they want power, influence, and money. They’ll probably want to stay there. If they want to stay there, they’re going to follow the will of the people. The will of the people and this election was overwhelmingly to re-elect Donald J. Trump,President United States.

I am confident that President Trump won a historic landslide election. What you hear now in the media, it’s a lie. The media has been lying to this country as a propaganda tool for the people that were trying to overthrow our government for years. They groomed us, they played us, but you fooled us once, okay, you’re not going to fool the people of this country twice. We know what they’ve done now. They’ve been called in time. A lot of people are going to go to jail Howie.

Howie Carr:
Rudy Giuliani said today to Steve Bannon, that they have three whistleblowers from one of these software companies, that were supposedly involved in this on a multi-state level that have already come forward. Is that true, as far as you know?

L. Linwood:
Well, I know that there are whistleblowers. I think there’s probably going to be much more than three, but I can tell you that the evidence is going to be undisputed. That the Dominion voting machines were originally in Venezuela, paid for back Cuban money, and then found their way into this country in business relationships tied to George Soros and to the Clinton foundation.

It doesn’t take rocket science to figure out who’s behind the effort to overthrow our government. It’s the global elitist. It’s the criminals like the Clinton crime family and the country is going to find out there’s been a heavy involvement by China. We’re going to go through some difficult days and weeks ahead, but we’re going to prevail. Freedom’s going to reign, but it’s going to be difficult.

When it’s over, things in this country are going to return to the days of when we lived a fruitful life and we’d get rid of all the swamp, this swamp creatures who have used our government, used our taxpayers money to stick it in their own pockets. Like Joe Biden, like Bill Clinton, like Hillary Clinton, like Barack Obama,

Howie Carr:
Can this all be accomplished though, by December 14th when the electoral college meets.

L. Linwood:
Listen, the timing of all of this, I don’t know anything about. I’m sure this will proceed on the timing that our president sets forth. I would like to think that over the next several days, that we’ll learn increasingly more about the evidence that establishes the crimes that have been committed. That within a period of time, reasonable period of time, the evidence is going to have mounted up to a point where the people know what happened today will accept that it was a fault, a theft of our election, and then the people will demand justice and accountability. We’ve been waiting for that from the Jeffrey Epstein matter. We’ve been waiting for it from the John Durham matter. We’ve been waiting for it from the Hunter Biden laptop, Anthony Weiner laptop. We’ve been waiting for it now for the election theft and fraud. All of these things are going to be revealed. Every lie, Howie, every lie with time will be revealed.

Howie Carr:
I just hope it’s in time. I just hope there’s enough time to get everything out. There’s already polls out there run by the same people who said Joe Biden was going to win in a landslide that say over half the people in the country already believe that this was a fraudulent election but the mainstream media…

L. Linwood:
Yeah, those numbers will grow. Those numbers will grow.

Howie Carr:
The mainstream media, the people you’ve been suing, God bless you for doing it. They’re going to say, “Oh, it’s over. It’s over. What these guys — Linwood, and Howie Carr, and everybody who’s listening and watching them. They’re conspiracy theorists”.

L. Linwood:
Well, “its conspiracy theorist”, I’ve heard that phrase. I know what it was developed to do.To demean people who tell the truth, people who connect the dots. Don’t forget that one of the major corporates is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world, the CIA.Trust me, they’ve been in trying to corrupt this country since the 1950s.

President Eisenhower said, when he gave his last speech to the country before John F. Kennedy was inaugurated, that the greatest threat to this country was not external, it was internal. It was the military-industrial complex. When that’s uncovered, there’s going to be a lot of people in the CIA and the national security agencies. They’re going to be in jail too.

Let me give you some really, really, really good news. All of these corrupt people in the media that have served for money as the propaganda too, CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, New York Times, Atlantic Mother Jones, you named the list. They going to be destroyed too, because they will have no credibility at all. The days of watching the mainstream media are over because they’re going to be revealed as liars and they fell for it, but they didn’t really fall for it, they were part of it. They’re all going down Howie, were going to have a new day in America.

Howie Carr:
I hope so Linwood, but listen, we’re out of time but keep putting out those tweets in the early morning hours, something to cheer everybody up, who’s on.

L. Linwood:
I want everybody to feel better about this because it’s all going to end good, trust me.

Howie Carr:
All right Linwood, will you represent re Richard Hopkins, that postal carrier in Erie Pennsylvania. I think he wants to sue the Washington Post for making up that story about him today.

L. Linwood:
Well, I mean, he has to come to me. I don’t know that my practice would allow me, but I have a fight back foundation.

Previous :Full transcripts of recent Sidney Powell interviews about Dominion software voting systems and massive CRIMINAL election fraud nationwide

How I paid just 1% in taxes LEGALLY…

Team Sovereign Man  November 17, 2020  Tbilisi, Georgia

[Today’s letter was penned by Lucas, a member of the Sovereign Man family]

Yesterday we reported how Deutsche Bank, one of the largest banks in the world, proposed that people working from home should have to pay an additional 5% tax to subsidize people who can’t work from home.

As absurd as this idea sounds, the authors claim that this tax has been needed for years, but “Covid has just made it obvious.”

And while the voices for higher taxes and more socialism seem to be getting louder and louder in the west, there ARE still places in the world that don’t share the same view.

Unsurprisingly many of them are in the east– former Soviet republics where people have actually lived through the horrors of socialism. So instead of punishing productive people with high taxes, they are trying to attract them with low taxes.

One of those countries is Georgia… A tiny ex-Soviet nation that has rolled out the red carpet for remote workers and other productive foreigners.

I moved here some time ago. And last week, I made my first tax payment to the Georgian government.

My tax rate was just 1%.That’s as close to 0% as you can get and it is completely legal.

This is possible, because Georgia has some very interesting tax incentives that hardly anyone has ever heard about.

The first incentive allows you to pay just 1% tax, but there are three important limitations to consider…

The first is that the tax is applied on the revenue and not the profit of the business and the second one is that you can’t earn more than approximately US$150,000 for more than two years in a row.

But despite these limitations, it’s an incredibly attractive structure for many people.

If you are a freelancer, remote worker (who can structure as a contractor) or run a business that is not capital intensive, such as affiliate marketing or selling of digital products, then your effective tax rate would likely be 1% or very close to it.

After all, these sorts of self-employment business models tend to have extremely low overhead, so your revenue and profit are very close.

But that’s not the only tax incentive Georgia offers.

Another interesting one applies to businesses that are providing IT services to clients outside of Georgia. Limited liability companies can apply for this incentive and slash their effective tax rate to just 5% (without any ceiling– you can earn as much as you want).

Both are incredibly compelling and I am actually taking advantage of both of them at the same time.

But even though I am paying just 1% or 5% tax, it doesn’t raise eyebrows anywhere. Georgia’s standard personal income tax rate is a flat 20% and the corporate tax is 15% (plus a 5% dividend tax).

Both rates are very reasonable by international standards, but not low enough for anyone to be suspicious about Georgian companies or to consider Georgia a tax haven.

That means it’s relatively easy to open bank accounts for Georgian companies, no uncomfortable explanations with clients and it’s even possible to get credit card processing (although the options are limited).

But it gets even better…

Now that I am an employee of a Georgian company (that I own), I am able to apply for legal residency. And after 6 years of residency, I’ll become eligible for naturalization and can obtain a Georgian passport.

That’s three major Plan B strategies that you can check off with just one country.

Getting started is also easy. Georgia probably has the most generous visa policy in the entire world. They actually welcome foreigners and remote workers.

That’s why they created a special remote worker entry permit that allows foreigners (including Americans) to enter Georgia despite COVID-19 restrictions and legally stay and work for an entire year (with the ability to extend it afterwards).

At this point you might be thinking that this is too good to be true and that in order to get these benefits you have to live in some underdeveloped, impoverished country.

But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, Georgia is in what I call the “development sweetspot”.

Georgia is a developing country and therefore the cost of living is very low. But at the same time it’s developed enough that there aren’t any major inconveniences or dealbreakers.

And when I say the cost of living is very low, I mean it.

You can rent a nice 1-bedroom apartment in the city center for as little as $350, grab a nice lunch for around $5 and dinner for two in a very nice restaurant with drinks rarely exceeds $40.

But my all-time favorite example is that in Georgia you can rent an electric car (by the minute!) for less than what it costs to rent an electric scooter in the US.

And that brings me to the second side of the “development sweetspot”: The country is extremely technologically advanced and convenient.

There are several startups that offer everything from by the minute car rental to food delivery.

But the favorite convenience of all the expats here is that there is an entire industry of package forwarding companies that let you order products from the US, UK, Germany and even China for just $8 per kg.

Can’t find your favorite snack in the stores? Just order it from Amazon and it will arrive in around 7-10 days. And if the package’s value is less than $100, you won’t even have to pay any import taxes. It’s that simple here.

Of course, not everything is perfect about the country, but, at least for me, the benefits by far outweigh the negatives and it’s definitely a country you should at least consider.

And if you are a member of our international diversification service, Sovereign Man: Confidential, you can expect a very in-depth intelligence report about Georgia from me very soon.