Attempting to stave off the inevitable – nurturing a financial black hole


The sound of inevitability… this big sucking is how the world’s fake, fraudulent, fiat financial systems’ going down.

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Attempting to stave off the inevitable – nurturing a financial black hole — Puppet Masters —

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A while ago I had the pleasure of hearing Sergey Glazyev—economist, politician, member of the Academy of Sciences, adviser to Pres. Putin—say something that very much confirmed my own thinking. He said that anyone who knows mathematics can see that the United States is on the verge of collapse because its debt has gone exponential. These aren’t words that an American or a European politician can utter in public, and perhaps not even whisper to their significant other while lying in bed, because the American eavesdroppers might overhear them, and then the politician in question would get the Dominique Strauss-Kahn treatment (whose illustrious career ended when on a visit to the US he was falsely accused of rape and arrested)…

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ACROPOLIS NOW: Greece Contemplates Nuclear Options – May Print Euros, Launch Parallel Currency, Nationalize Banks

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– As we said earlier today, following today’s dramatic referendum result the Greeks may have burned all symbolic bridges with the Eurozone. However, there still is one key link: the insolvent Greek banks’ reliance on the ECB’s goodwill via the ELA. While we have explained countless times that even a modest ELA collateral haircut would lead to prompt depositor bail-ins, here is DB’s George Saravelos with a simplified version of the potential worst case for Greece in the coming days:

The ECB is scheduled to meet tomorrow morning to decide on ELA policy. An outright suspension would effectively put the banking system into immediate resolution and would be a step closer to Eurozone exit. All outstanding Greek bank ELA liquidity (and hence deposits) would become immediately due and payable to the Bank of Greece. The maintenance of ELA at the existing level is the most…

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The quickest method to start growing indoors ;)

Do you know what is an amazing experience?

Harvesting your marijuana plants!

Well, it is kinda hard work actually. But the anticipation that a short time later you will have pounds of fresh MJ to smoke, sell or share is an amazing feeling.

I found a company that makes it really easy for you to reach harvest time yourself. It’s called Dealzer and they are the creators of the Cash Crop 4.0: a 6 plant grow box that comes with everything you need. Starting at $449.

This smell proof, whisper quiet, and light proof personal garden is easy to use. Just pop in your seeds and watch it grow. Comes with everything you need, including a self-cooled cabinet and a hiflect insulation for maximum light usage and plant growth.

Watch the instruction video and see for yourself!

Little secret extra: Dealzer offers financing plans with their products. This means you can get the box shipped to your house, grow the weed, sell it, and THEN pay for your grow box. Then the next grow cycle is for free! Check the plan here

Dealzer’s Cash Crop Box 4.0 – An all in one grow system!

dealzer grow box
  • FREE USA Fedex Shipping
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Phone & email tech support
  • Grows any strain
  • Whisper quite, smell proof
  • 6 plant hydroponic grow system
  • Optional CO2 enhancer (+25% growth)

Get it here!

Also included are a 6 plant hydroponic grow system with pump and oxygenator, 6 net pots, 6 grow cubes, nutrients, 3 grow bulbs, and 3 flower bulbs. Lock and key with carbon filter in exhaust and ona block deodorizer included for smells you may not want.

It’s a long list, but to summarize: this box contains everything you need for a simple 6 to 8 week growth.

Just add Seeds & Water!

To see what version is right for you, have a look at the dealzer product page.

Happy Growing!


PS – Are you growing some plants already? If they are looking bad, then quickly use my new sympton checker to find out what’s wrong.

Found it? Click the sympton and get the solution too ;-)

ILGM, Postbus 51153, 1007ED Amsterdam, NH, Netherlands

American woman who died of measles was previously vaccinated against measles… total failure of vaccine covered up by quack vaccine propagandists

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American woman who died of measles was previously vaccinated against measles… total failure of vaccine covered up by quack vaccine propagandists –


Ever since a woman from Washington state sadly passed away last week from what was reported as “measles,” the vaccine zealots have been in a frenzy, declaring that everyone needs to be vaccinated against the measles or more people might die.

But now the Daily Mail in the UK has revealed this woman was already vaccinated against the measles!

“A woman who became the first person to die of the measles in the U.S. in 12 years had been vaccinated against the disease,” reports the Daily Mail.

Not only was she already vaccinated against the measles, it was other Big Pharma medications that ultimately killed her! As the Daily Mail reports, “Dr. Jeanette Stehr-Green…

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Why Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment

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Why Oncologists Don’t Like Baking Soda Cancer Treatment – Waking Times : Waking Times.

July 2, 2015 

Baking SodaDave Mihalovic, Prevent Disease
Waking Times

Even the most aggressive cancers which have metastasized have been reversed with baking soda cancer treatments. Although chemotherapy is toxic to all cells, it represents the only measure that oncologists employ in their practice to almost all cancer patients. In fact, 9 out of 10 cancer patients agree to chemotherapy first without investigating other less invasive options.

Doctors and pharmaceutical companies make money from it. That’s the only reason chemotherapy is still used. Not because it’s effective, decreases morbidity, mortality or diminishes any specific cancer rates. In fact, it does the opposite. Chemotherapy boosts cancer growth and long-term mortality rates and oncologists know it.

A few years ago, University of Arizona Cancer Center member Dr. Mark Pagel received a $2 million grant…

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Want to understand Bitcoin? Ulterior States, IamSatoshi Documentary

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▶ Ulterior States [IamSatoshi Documentary] – YouTube.

Ulterior States, an IamSatoshi production, is an argumentative documentary project. The participatory development, production and post ‘guerilla-film-making-methods’, bounced between (non-academic) literature research, video interviews and studio sessions. This investigative process allowed having real-life conversations with some thought leaders within the Bitcoin ecosystem. In an attempt to portray the community behind the message to adopt a network, being a one-man team allowed for easier access to the subjects. The enthusiasm and commitment that saturate through the lens in many parts of the film, expose how the adopters of Bitcoin want to explore, to probe and, to show the world, something important, otherwise overlooked.
The film took three years and 125 videos to complete. Through this journey, I got immersed in the decentralised crypto-currency culture and met a bunch of wonderful futuristic-pirates, I would have never met otherwise. It is becoming easier to admit…

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