Book of the Month Review: The Earth Shifter!

New release: The Earth Shifter – Review, Excerpt + Giveaway!

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I’m starting a monthly book review and will post interesting selection of  books that I had the pleasure of reading and recommending. This month will feature the talented and uplifting author Lada Ray. Thematically there are wonderful spiritual and healing messages/ lessons from her latest epic novel. You can read my full review at:

If you could read just one book this year, seriously consider The Earth Shifter! This metaphysical fantasy/thriller is simply one of the most compelling stories you’ll find. Author Lada Ray expertly weaves a tale about the consequences that mankind’s insanity has upon the world.

The historical content is fantastic, I’ve learned a lot. The book is rich with historical references, time traveling flashbacks and exotic locales. The apocalyptic theme addresses probable futures for humanity, depending upon how mankind chooses its fate. The main protagonist is a smart, sassy teenage girl named Sasha. Seemingly living a normal, happy childhood growing up, imbued with special powers beyond her understanding, she has the unenviable task of saving the world! Through many mystical adventures and tribulations, she comes to understand her destiny, along with the daunting responsibility of preserving life so the evolution of human consciousness can continue.

The adventure is all-encompassing and epic in scope, and the author mindfully balances multiple story lines where the characters play a very crucial role in the outcome. Nothing is pre-determined in life, and the future is wide open as the major players fight to bend “reality” according to their will. There are major lessons that we humans need to learn and accept, the defining realization being that we are all connected in some ineffable mysterious way, which may not be apparent to us in the course of our daily existence, but plays a necessary part in the grand scheme of things. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but trust me, you will be thoroughly engrossed with the story! There are many engaging subplots which intertwine and reinforce the central theme of struggle, love, acceptance and transcendence.

My favorite character is Red! Like an enigma within a chinese puzzle box, this vivacious raven haired seductress is amazing. A girl after my own heart, she is pure mystery with her own unique agenda and plays a crucial role in the outcome of the story. Wait until you visit her underground home and the juicy drag racing scene! Don’t want to give away any spoilers… you must read it for yourself. 😉

The spiritual/ metaphysical message is strong throughout the book, you can really relate with the characters and find yourself rooting for the best possible outcome of the story. It’s the ultimate thrill ride, your soul will cry out for justice, cheer, shout out for resolution and redemption. It’s that kind of book which elicits the best and worst of humanity, but most importantly reflects our own foibles and struggles with life. Easily a wonderful, thought-provoking book, which I highly recommend to everyone of all ages. It’s a real eye-opening, earth-shifting experience for sure!

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10 thoughts on “Book of the Month Review: The Earth Shifter!

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  3. Wonderful review! I’m really looking forward digging in to The Earth Shifter myself and posting my own review when I’m done 🙂 I was already excited having read the first 2 chapters which were included in Lada’s short story “Catharsis” and now you’ve got me even more keen 🙂

    Sounds great, can’t wait to start reading!

    All the best 🙂



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