Thank you dear sister for sharing your love of Rumi, and the divine dance and music. My wish: may we all come together one day through love and understanding, not from words, but the pure language of our hearts.

Love is the path to the divine. The politics of religion is the obstacle. I am not interested in forms or labels, only the formless within which connects us all.
Master Rumi is a divine manifestation of God, as are every single soul. Only difference is the mystics remember who they are, the rest of us have this blessed moment. Every moment is an opportunity to return to our true self. We are love and the beloved one. السلام عليكم

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  1. Hey there, Maddy Lady.
    Just to hop around a bit, let me ask what your own perception of this love is.
    Trick alert: you might end up on an exhausting journey of questions once you take this first step in with me!!! Hehehehehehe!


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  3. The stars only swim in an ocean where Love is the water.
    The moon only laughs when Love gives it a wink.
    The sun only dances when Love takes the lead.

    When Love whispers to your ears, whirl.
    Whirl towards the Divinity.
    Keep ringing the bell
    and play the tambourine.
    Listen to the flute player
    and never stop dancing.

    Shall we dance? 🙂


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