Kozo, this has got to be one of the most inspiring, unifying post for peace I’ve ever had the pleasure of sharing. If blogging is not your profession, it should be! It’s wonderful to experience real inner peace from practical everyday events as you have shown us. You certainly lead a blessed life, especially when seen through the eyes of your little Buddhas. I’m humbled and deeply grateful we are BBFs; along with the rest of the blogosphere, we honestly appreciate you as the beautiful “prince of peace” that you are. ♥
P.S. You had me at the floaters and flotsam… LMAO! 😀

everyday gurus


My five year old son has tons of friends. Part of the reason why he is so blessed is because he calls anyone he likes, plays with, talks to, or looks at his friend.

“My friend is digging a hole to bury Darth Vader in,” Jett mentions as we leave the park.

“Which friend is that? What is his name?”

“I don’t know his name. He is just my friend.” Looking at me like I don’t know what friend means.

The look might be justified. Maybe as we grow older we forget what a friend is. I can’t tell you how many people have questioned me about my friendships. I am/used to be friends with some pretty famous people. Other “friends” would always say things like, “you’re not really friends with so-and-so. Just because you met someone does not mean that they are your friend.” I would counter, “Well, I’m…

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  1. I just loved this story Maddy — thanks for reblogging it. I had been thinking of checking out what Kozo was up to and I wound up on his site when I clicked “continue reading.” So now I’m coming back here to tell you how much I appreciate you getting me to Kozo’s site and I got to say Hi to you too. Isn’t synchronicity wonderful?! Much love to you, Alia


  2. This is such an excellent post, Kozo. I love how you are so open and aware of the teaching/learning moments from your children throughout the daily routine of life. That you know how learning isn’t just one-way, but sometimes comes at us when we are least expecting it. I love your son’s definition of what friends are and how they act! Looking at you, as though, “what’s your problem, don’t you know how it works, Dad?” The best!! And I also agree with you that blogging friendships often quickly cut to the core of who we are, such that trust is built and gained much more quickly than in some physical friendships. 🙂


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