♪Lucia di Lammermoor

I was fortunate to attend a most enchanting opera: Lucia di Lammermoor by composer Gaetano Donizetti. It was performed by a very talented theatre troupe from The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts.

Although I don’t speak Italian, I did appreciate the dramatic delivery, the evocatively raw emotional scenes held me spellbound, grasping ever so tightly onto my chair, totally enthralled by the whole experience. Nothing quite compares to the energy of live opera! Here’s a popular clip from Utube:

Natalie Dessay – Lucia di Lammermoor: Eccola…Il dolce suono – LIVE at the Met 2007

One of the most compelling arias  taken from Act III,  scene 2 – Il Dolce Suono, “the sweet sound” – also commonly known as the “mad scene” sung by the leading soprano, Lucia.

The leading soprano, Casey Davenport’s portrayal of Lucia is just heavenly. The depth of her madness is simply transcendent and total. As the story goes, Lucia falls mad after being forced to forsake her true love Edgardo, after which her family arranged her marriage to a guy she didn’t care for.  On her wedding night, while the festivities are still being held in the Great Hall, she stabs her new husband, Arturo, in the bridal chamber. Disheveled, unaware of what she has done, she wanders in the Great Hall, recalling her meetings with Edgardo and imagining herself married to him. The whole melody of this recitative is chillingly morose and haunting. I especially enjoyed Casey’s interpretation of this piece, making us understand her character’s plight, her fear and mental foibles.

The whole cast was absolutely stunning, as was the staging, costumes and lighting.  In the end, it was Ms. Davenport’s lyrically nimble  coloratura soprano that captivated the audience, making this a very successful production.  ❤

[For the entire scene with English subtitles, please scroll to bottom of this post]


Translation in English
Il dolce suono mi colpì di sua voce!
Ah, quella voce m’è qui nel cor discesa!
Edgardo! io ti son resa. Edgardo! Ah! Edgardo, mio! Si’, ti son resa!
fuggita io son da’ tuoi nemici. (nemici)
Un gelo me serpeggia nel sen!
trema ogni fibra!
vacilla il piè!
Presso la fonte meco t’assidi alquanto! Si’, Presso la fonte meco t’assidi.
Ohimè, sorge il tremendo fantasma e ne separa!
Qui ricovriamo, Edgardo, a piè dell’ara.
Sparsa è di rose!Un’armonia celeste, di’, non ascolti?
Ah, l’inno suona di nozze!
Il rito per noi s’appresta! Oh, me felice!
Oh gioia che si sente, e non si dice!
Ardon gl’incensi!
Splendon le sacre faci, splendon intorno!
Ecco il ministro!
Porgimi la destra!
Oh lieto giorno!
Al fin son tua, al fin sei mio,
a me ti dona un Dio.
Ogni piacer più grato,
mi fia con te diviso
Del ciel clemente un riso
la vita a noi sarà.
The sweet sound of his voice struck me!
Ah, that voice has entered my heart!
Edgardo! I surrender to you, oh my Edgardo!
I have escaped from your enemies.
A chill creeps into my breast!
Every fibre trembles!
My foot falters!
Sit down by the fountain with me a while!
Alas, the tremendous phantom arises and separates us!
Let us take refuge here, Edgardo, at the foot of the altar.
It is scattered with roses!A heavenly harmony, tell me, do you not hear it?
Ah, the marriage hymn is playing!
They are preparing the rite for us! Oh, how happy I am!
Oh joy that is felt but not said!
The incense is burning!
The holy torches are shining, shining around!
Here is the minister!
Give me your right hand!
Oh joyful day!
At last I am yours, at last you are mine,
A god gives you to me.
Let me share
The greatest pleasures with you,
A smile from merciful heaven,
Life will be ours.

Maria Callas: “Il dolce suono mi colpì di sua voce!” Lucia, Donizetti, Serafin, Firenzi, 1953

Maria Callas esegue “Il dolce suono mi colpì di sua voce” dall’opera “Lucia di Lammermoor” di Gaetano Donizetti. Registrato a Firenze tra gennaio e febbraio del 1953. Tullio Serafin dirige l’Orchestra e il Coro del maggio Musicale Fiorentino.

Add’l clips, full scene with subtitles –

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NYm7oJXVeks   –  Part 1

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW5Ol3jNrJI       –  Part 2

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jazzsnBL7KY         –  Part 3

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHsgKD0S8Cg&o   –   Inva Mula Tchako

15 thoughts on “♪Lucia di Lammermoor

  1. Thanks Maddy — My mother was an avid fan of classical music, including opera. I feel as though I grew up between the choir loft and the opera house. Though I never saw a live performance of Lucia, I hear the Mad Scene sung many times on the radio. Brava! Great performance. Blessings, alia


  2. Wow, that was powerful. What a scene? I love the reaction of the supporting cast. You are blessed, Maddy. Thank you for sharing parts of your incredible life with us. {{{Hugs]}} Kozo


  3. beautiful, Maddy. LOVE this!! there is something magical about opera. even if we cannot understand the language, the talented voices draws the heart right into the moment. thank you for sharing. ♥


    • Thanks for visiting my post Shakti, I’m happy you enjoyed the thoughts and range of emotions while watching. If opera evokes such wonderful sensations, why draw the line? Just lose yourself in the moment, life doesn’t get any better than this very moment. Peace my friend. ♥


  4. “I did appreciate the dramatic delivery, the evocatively raw emotional scenes held me spellbound, grasping ever so tightly onto my chair, totally enthralled by the whole experience. Nothing quite compares to the energy of live opera!”
    Good post, thank you for sharing! So far for me there hasn’t been any experience more enjoyable and majestically thrilling than watching Germany national team playing, especially against England or Argentina. I guess I need to watch opera some time to experience that kind of spellbinding moment you had when watching that performance, so I could find another divine experience through a totally different kind of field.

    Opera…. Opera…. Opera…Sydney Opera House, ah! ♥


    • Agreed my friend! The most enjoyable experiences in life are the ones we can relate to passionately. There’s no thinking involved at all, it just grabs your soul and never lets go. That pure excitement is a gift from the divine. Sports bring out the best and worst in humanity, rivaling the greatest operatic dramas! Isn’t life funny that way? ♥
      If so inclined, the Sydney Opera House has a wonderful venue for the Spring season. Puccini’s La Bohème is a perennial favorite. Donizetti’s comic opera don Pasquale is a fun “musical”. In July you must catch Puccini’s Tosca, a masterpiece. You also have Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, enjoy the experience and tell me your impressions. Who knows, you might like it suddenly? 😀
      Be well Subhan!


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