Interview with Author Lada Ray

Maddy: Today, I have the great pleasure of interviewing Ms. Lada Ray, author of her newly released metaphysical adventure, The Earth Shifter! Lada is also author of the ongoing Accidental Spy Series, including the bestselling Gold Train (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), and Stepford USA; and creator of a new YA fantasy series, Earth Keepers Chronicles. Book one, Catharsis (Legend of the Lemurians) is currently available, and more books in this charming series of novelettes are on the way.
I’ve recently read The Earth Shifter and must say I was blown away by the characters, settings and multiple story lines which all worked so well together driving the story to a spectacular spellbinding conclusion. I was intrigued by the spiritual and moral messages, as well as the poetic descriptions of Siberia and metaphysical realms of our planet Earth. You can probably tell that I’m a big fan of Lada’s writing. Needless to say, I was happy to write a review in which I conveyed my impressions and feelings, which can be read here.
Let’s begin our interview. Welcome, Lada!
Lada: Thank you, Maddy, for such a glowing introduction. I’m very happy to be a guest on your wonderful spiritual blog, which I enjoy immensely!
M: I’d like to start by saying that Sasha, The Earth Shifter’s young protagonist, is a wonderful role model for teenagers and adults alike. How did you come up with this character? You attribute certain superhero qualities to Sasha, and she manages her responsibilities quite well. Is she reminiscent of a young Miss Lada Ray, our intrepid world adventurer? Casting that Twilight girl, twatzherface, is (ahem) interesting too.
L: For me, Sasha is a dream of a perfect human being – something perhaps we all strive for. Yet, as those who’ve read the book would notice, Sasha is all too human. A reader can relate to her struggles and trials, as well as her accomplishments. We can root for her as well as see ourselves in her shoes. It is this combination that gives her special credibility. I think every writer tends to impart certain personal qualities on her characters, and to a certain degree so did I. 🙂
Kristen Stuart so far came closest to Sasha’s image, but the search for a perfect Sasha is still ongoing, so let’s consider the pic above just a placeholder, shall we, LOL. Continue reading