B4PEACE: HUMANITY i Love YOU – Guerilla Gardener in South Central LA

Thank you Tomas, yet another sign of the inner revolution. Where people are taking back their power and transforming their own communities at the (literal) grass roots level. How awesome and inspirational is this! I love it, hope this movement goes viral and people become more independent and ecologically self sustaining. LOL, I may just stay in Rio and start planting my own garden! 😀 ♥♥♥ Excellent post Tomas!

New Earth Heartbeat

PeaceI present to you the work of one man in South Central Los Angeles that has changed the world and who through his work is creating peace in his own backyard. His name is Ron Finley and his self-chosen title is A Guerilla Gardener. What he has done with his passion is to infuse his neighborhood and the people living there with the indomitable spirit of independence and freedom and living together in peace. His spirit has caught hold and now has a life of its own, stewarded by him and reaching out more and more, growing and thriving.

His TEDx Talk is 10:45 minutes · Filmed Feb 2013

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