Koan of the day: Man Gong’s Net

One day, Zen Master Man Gong sat on the high rostrum
and gave the speech to mark the end of the three-month
winter retreat. “All winter long you monks have practiced
very hard. That’s wonderful! As for me, I had nothing to do,
so I made a net. This net is made out of a very special cord.
It is very strong and can catch all buddhas, patriarchs, and
every human being. It catches everything. How do you get
out of this net?” Some students shouted, “KATZ!”
Others hit the floor or raised a fist. One said, “The sky is blue,
the grass is green.” Another said, “Already got out.
How are you, great Zen Master?” From the back of the room,
a monk shouted, “Don’t make a net!” Many answers were
given, but to each, Man Gong only replied,
“Ah Ha! I’ve caught another BIG fish!”
So how do you get out of Man Gong’s net?

This intriguing Koan was sent to me by a dear friend. All he mentioned was this is an attack- style kong-an. HINT:  It’s naturally a trap for your mind. So whatever you think, say or do is “wrong”. So how do you get out of Man Gong’s net?  Hahaha. 😀