Join the YA Revolution!

Join the YA Revolution!

The E-publishing revolution has just started, and already digital shelves are full of senseless imitations rehashed over and over again. Some books are just openly negative, violent or meaningless. All you need is an e-reader and a simple click of a button in order to purchase an ebook. No one can possibly police what our teens and young adults are reading. Meanwhile, their minds are still delicate and developing, and perhaps they haven’t yet learned to discern what is good and what is harmful. Much of what our teens may be downloading on their e-readers may not be what they should be reading in order to develop into good human beings and responsible citizens of our planet!

For more info: Y.A. Revolution

For authors & readers:  Join Now!

18 thoughts on “Join the YA Revolution!

  1. Hi Maddy, and thank you so very much for helping spread the word about #YARevolution! 🙂

    I’ve added some material to the YA Revolution page, plus, more great details and clarifications are appearing in comments every day! Check it out and join us!

    Both writers and readers who care about the future of our world are welcome to join and contribute!
    We are looking for volunteers to re-blog, post #YARevolution badges/links, help with press releases and organization of YA Revolution group on Goodreads! Please contact me if you are interested!

    Thanks everyone and cheers!


    • Hi Lada, it’s my pleasure to promote your wonderful cause, to help parents make informed decisions regarding the type of literature we choose to feed our kids. Garbage in/ garbage out as they say, so let’s start providing a source of healthy, nourishing positive books. Thanks so much for spearheading this movement, awareness is the key! ♥


  2. Brilliant post Maddy, I’ll have to head over to Lada’s as well! I’ve definitely written my Stoicism and 7 Things books in a way that teens can read and relate to, and it’s my hope that this really quite crucial information gets into the hands of the young. The sex book I’m writing at the moment is something I think can really help a lot of kids in their late teens to navigate the confusion, shame and misinformation around sex and sexuality as well.

    Anyway this is a great movement! Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction we definitely have a responsibility as writers to spread truth and decency through our work 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!



    • Rohan I agree, it’s so important to acknowledge progressive, holistic, educational authors as yourself who are mindful of the well being of others. I know kids will benefit tremendously by reading great fiction or non-fiction literature from guys like you! Be well my friend. ♥


    • I agree, whatever we can do to alleviate some of the pressures of growing up and help educate our youth, that would provide a bit of relief for overworked parents. We need to participate in causes that make a difference, such as yours! ♥


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