ME = UV = My Life Purpose

Your message is brilliant Alia, you’ve cracked the code for one’s own life purpose, this is HUGE! I

couldn’t have expressed it any better, it requires full consciousness to grasp this subtle insight.

Now we can all put our “Universal Value” to practice, to serve and benefit all of humanity. I too

have recently come to question my career choices, thinking what I’m doing isn’t “meaningful” or

“purposeful” enough, according to my egoic standards. I realize that subconsciously, my self

judgement is based upon fear of what others think, and not upon my true BEingness. Like you,

I’ve understood the mental concept of “My BEingness IS my value”, but now it’s my own

experience which I can apply to everyday life. What a blessing to finally grasp the practical

implications of this real-ization. On a positive note, I’m starting to enjoy what I do and appreciate

the benefits- traveling, meeting new people, plenty of time to learn & explore other cultures, belief

systems, job opportunities that align with my joy & fulfilment to share with others. Now I see new

paths and direction opening, it’s fun to entertain the possiblities; I have addressed my weaknesses

and dropped everything which no longer serves my being (esp. mental limitations, self doubt etc).

Once we become aware of how important and valuable our own UV is, the greater we can share

our joy and live with timeless purpose. Awesome post, I’m so happy you are sharing this with us.

Can you feel this energy? We can grow and evolve together as one love, as it was meant to be. ♥ I assure you it will be FUN! 😀

New Earth Paradigm

Searching for SomethingFor decades I chased “My Life Purpose.” I searched every corner and crevice; I looked under every rock and behind every tree. No luck! This idea in my head that there was some overarching purpose to my life and that I could find it by searching diligently, eluded my grasp at every turn. Most of the people in my family seemed to find their Life Purpose without much trouble. My sister knew she wanted to be a teacher by the time she was five! She grew up, went to college, got her credential and has been teaching happily for 30+ years. My cousin found his Purpose early on also — he became a State Parks Ranger and served in that capacity for over 30 years as well.  I went from one promising career to another but nothing seemed to hold my interest for long. Why not? What about me? Where…

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About Self-Nature

A woman once asked Zen Master Seung Sahn, “Do you believe in God?”

“Of course!”

She became perplexed. “You are a Buddhist monk, and a Zen master, at that. How can you possibly believe in God?”

“I can believe my hands. I believe in my eyes, ears, nose, tongue, body, and mind. Why not believe in God? If you believe in your true self completely, then you can believe that the sky is blue, the tree is green, the dog is barking ‘Woof! Woof!’ It’s very simple, yah?”
The woman was silent for a moment.

Zen Master Seung Sahn continued, “Buddhism teaches, ‘One by one, each thing is complete.’ That means that your mind is complete. How is your mind complete? (Hits the floor with his Zen stick.) Just this point. Did you hear that? (Hits the floor.) That point is already complete. If you’re thinking, it’s not complete. But in this moment (hits the floor), just hear that sound. At that moment, this sound and you (hits the floor) already become one, which means you and the universe already become one. This means there’s no subject, no object; no inside, no outside. Inside and outside already become one. The name for that is absolute, or truth.

“So if you keep this mind (hits the floor), your mind is already complete. The sun, the moon, the stars, and everything are already complete. Your sound and my sound are the same. This sound (hits the floor) is your substance: this sound’s substance and your substance already become one; my substance and this sound’s substance already become one. It’s the same substance as the sun, the moon, and the stars—any substance is the same substance. So Buddhism teaches, ‘Each thing has it. It and dust interpenetrate.’ This means that sound’s substance, and name and form, already become one. Let us consider ice, water, and steam. The names and forms are different, but fundamentally it is all still H2O. Water is H2O. Ice is H2O. Steam is also H2O. Name and form are different, and constantly change according to conditions, but the substance is the same.”

“But this seems so difficult, and not related at all to the question of God,” the woman said.

“Put it all down, OK? If you’re thinking, this seems very difficult. If you’re not thinking, it’s no problem. If you’re thinking, you make ‘I’,’my,’ and ‘me.’ Descartes said, ‘I think, therefore I am.’ Thinking makes I; thinking makes everything. But if you are not thinking, then what? When you are thinking, you make this whole universe, you make everything. And then ‘I’ and ‘God’ and ‘Buddha’ and everything are separate. But if you keep this point (hits the floor)—this moment—then you and God are never separate. It’s very easy, yah?”

Additional metaphor:  “cover the world with leather…”