Leave it to ♥ Rio ♥

While on a job assignment last month, I felt grateful for so many things in my life. Reflecting back upon my experiences in Rio I’ve regained health, vitality, and a new perspective of the role I am to play in the world.

I’m fortunate to have caring friends who selflessly contribute to the well being of our planet, energetically, spiritually, and actively participating to make our world a better place to be.

For this post, I give thanks to heartflow2013 for providing the inspiration and framework for this springtime rejuvenation and makeover. According to Tomas’ post, we should address various aspects of ourselves to experience a harmonious life. These key components are very important for our development and growth. Today I will be incorporating Key#4: Nourishment, and Key #5: Grounding.

As for physical nourishment, Key #4, Tomas recommends drinking an adequate amount of purified water to function optimally. “Water acts as a conduit or conductor. It keeps your system open and flowing.”  I couldn’t agree more, and would like to share my experience with juice fasting!

Rio de Janeiro has absolutely perfect weather year round, so I decided to detoxify and do a spring cleanse. I have done 3 day water fasts in the past with great results. In order to assist the body with the process, ideally the temperature should be warm (avg. 30C/ 85F), plenty of sunshine for sunbathing, fresh organic fruit juices, and some organic vegetable juice toward the end of the fast. I’ve also incorporated early morning yoga and meditation to get in the right “mode”.

According to Tomas, Key #5 Grounding is very necessary. “A good way to ground yourself is to go outside and sit on the ground. So go outside and be in nature. Stand or sit next to a tree for a while. Put your chair in the sun and read a book with the sun shining on you. Or go swimming, or put your feet in water. These are the elements. They make up Earth, so you can feel them.” I felt calm, collected and happy while on the beach all day so I highly recommend it if you live near water.

While the initial reason was to lose a few pounds and tone up for a photo shoot, I’ve decided to commit to a 3 week program because the conditions were just perfect. In Rio, they have organic young coconuts for sale everywhere, even right on the beach! The sweet delicious coconut water was like pure nectar to my lips. I felt so light and clean drinking 10 to 12 coconuts a day, (approx. 1 gallon). My energy levels were high and most importantly I didn’t experience the nasty effects of detox like I had while on the water fast.

Prior to my trip, I was exhausted from work, travel and poor diet. My adrenals were shot from excessive coffee, smokes, drinks, drugs and sugar fixes. Basically I felt like crap and had to change my life. I’ve researched juice fasting and found it to be the ideal solution for rebuilding my system naturally. Initially I did have cravings but did not experience withdrawal symptoms. I was pleasantly surprised that it was so easy, painless and I wasn’t even hungry. Basically, there was nothing to prepare, juice bars/ stands/ vendors were everywhere.  I would order up a “green coconut drink”, or what the locals called “Agua de Coco”  and enjoy!

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