How to Get Your Very Own Book Category on Amazon

Hilarious, it seems Amazon has become a caricature of the indie book publishing movement that it help started. So Amazon has become a tool for the big 6, haha no surprise there. So much for supporting the little guy during hard times, seems like Vampirzon has drained all the juice the from it’s KDP Select program. Now it’s time to court the fat cats, lol.
Really great post for exposing the hypocrisy, thanks investigative reporter Lada! 😀

Lada Ray Blog

Wh…wha….what? Getting your very own book category on Amazon???? Yeah, right, you say. As it stands right now, KDP (Amazon indie publishing platform) is missing even mainstream categories to list some of our books accurately, as I found out during my free promo a few days ago. For example, my book GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), should be listed in the following categories:

1. Mystery & thrillers – thrillers – tales of espionage & intrigue & 2. Romance – romantic mystery.

Guess what, “thrillers” is as far as KDP categories go, although “tales of espionage and & intrigue” is available on Amazon! And with “romance” they only offer “romantic suspense” (not entirely appropriate at all), but no “romantic mystery” (totally appropriate), although again, this category is available and I’ve seen some books listed.

So, you think the title of this post is a joke? Nope, honest to goodness truth! Some ARE…

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Parallel Universes and how to change reality for Peace!

Quantum physics has proven that alternate realities are possible, through the laws of probability and conscious intention. This fascinating video shows the possible changes which may occur to collectively  shape our reality towards global peace.

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A basket of fresh bread

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) said,
‘There is no better companion
on this way than what you do. Your actions will be
your best friend, or if you’re cruel and selfish,
your actions will be a poisonous snake
that lives in your grave.’
But tell me,
Can you do the good work without a teacher?
Can you even know what it is without the presence
of a Master? Notice how the lowest livelihood
requires some instruction.
First comes knowledge,
Then the doing of the job, And much later,
perhaps after you’re dead, something grows
from what you’ve done.
Look for help and guidance
in whatever craft you’re learning. Look for a generous
teacher, one who has absorbed the tradition he’s in.
Look for pearls in oyster shells.
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