Parallel Universes and how to change reality for Peace!

Quantum physics has proven that alternate realities are possible, through the laws of probability and conscious intention. This fascinating video shows the possible changes which may occur to collectively  shape our reality towards global peace.

Also: 2012-BASHAR- On Shifting To Parallel Realities

Bashar – Infinite Parallel Realities

Enjoy the possibilities! ♥

20 thoughts on “Parallel Universes and how to change reality for Peace!

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  2. Love this, Maddy. The first video reminds me of the beginning of the movie, Slacker. “II should have stayed on the bus.” haha. So much to be here:

    “Shift to the one you prefer.”
    “The measure of the fact that you have changed is not based on whether the outside changes; it is based on your response to the outside to the outside changes regardless if it looks the same.”
    “There is no out there: it’s all here; it’s all now.”

    I realize that Gandhi, MLK, and John Lennon did realize peace. I just have to shift to the parallel universe where this is a “reality.” It reminds me of a video I saw that shows peacemakers like MLK alive and well. I’m heading over to check out what Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley are up to.
    {{{hugs}}} Kozo


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  4. While listening to all of these videos, I kept saying “and so it is” – hmmm? Struck a chord, but not yet sure I can articulate what that chord was. Thanks for this – It’s like a knowing has presented itself for me to see. Much Love, Sandy


    • Thanks for checking out the vids Sandy, more than mental comprehension, there is a truth that resonates with your being, that’s what your feeling. It’s probably better not to articulate it, because it’s a realization beyond words. ☼


  5. I cannot thank you enough for this. I’ve known it all for years, even used to teach it a little, but it comes to me now refreshed, and at exactly the time that I need to hear it all said again with such clarity. It’s all so obvious isn’t it? I’ve been focused for a while on only the good, on love, on gratitude, on joy and peace. To have it all affirmed is deeply heartening, renewing my faith ten-fold.
    Much love to you.


    • Well hello Alison! I’m glad this was helpful to you, isn’t it empowering to realize we can shift our consciousness and experience a new reality? The key is awareness of those choices you align with and wish to experience. It’s great to know that you and Don are manifesting love & joy in your daily adventures! Blessings on your journey. ♥


    • You’re right, it’s actually realizing something about yourself beyond linear thinking or passed down knowledge. That is reassuring to know we have a choice in living the reality we wish to experience – just for the joy of it! Be well Tomas. ♥☼♥


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