…To Be Genuine

Very well written Jennifer, thanks for sharing your insights to spiritual growth, learning and faith. I total relate to what you’re saying, this path to self realization is the true purpose of all religions. The ultimate Zen statement is “only don’t know!” When we give up our silly notions of what we perceive god to be, only then can we be truly open to what God wants to reveal to us. That’s the mystery and magic of life. I really appreciate your sincere and honest posts, thank you. 🙂

4 thoughts on “…To Be Genuine

  1. Thanks Maddy for featuring this post. How precious it is when someone lets’s us see their process of mask removal. Takes great courage to be genuine. Yet, sooner or later, we realize that living under a mask just doesn’t allow us to taste life in the way that we can when we lead with our vulnerable, unmasked face. I loved her statement (I’m paraphrasing) about I’d rather have you cringe at the awkwardness of my genuine face than have you smile at the masked one. So true. This has been a life long lesson for me and I gained much from reading it. Blessings, Alia


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