Kokua–“Hawaiian Medicine is not for sale”

Kokua indeed! My friend, you exemplify this practice. 😀
I’ll spread the word, keep up the great work & spreading the ♥. {{{Hugs}}}

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IMG_0499While visiting a friend’s coffee plantation on the Big Island of Hawaii, my step-father told the story of how he used to pick coffee beans in Kona when he was a kid. When someone asked how much he got paid, he simply said, “kokua.” Kokua is the Hawaiian tradition of “extending loving, sacrificial help to others for their benefit, not for personal gain.”Pololu Valley

Later, on the plane ride home, I watched a documentary about the Hawaiian rainforests. A Hawaiian medicine man mentioned how he would only gather enough medicinal plants for the sick person. “Hawaiian medicine is not for sale,” he scolded.


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5 thoughts on “Kokua–“Hawaiian Medicine is not for sale”

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    I’ve always known this idea of connectedness, Love, respect and giving freely of oneself as integral to indigenous thought everywhere (and that very emphatically does include European cultures before colonization). Thank you for posting this!


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