What People Want and Vladimir Putin’s Message

Very good point Lada, people of the world only want peace, President Putin is the real deal. Politics aside, he’s a Peace President, calling for rational minds to prevail, calming the political tensions flamed by Obama (who seems to be possessed by the corporatocracy. Make no mistake, war was always about the money. War & Greed, the twin pillars of Western “democracy”. Just google “John Perkins: Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”
How the US exploits foreign counties by Debt, Murder and War:

Lada Ray Blog

This is the kind of time when keeping silence is not possible as some are trying to “lead” us to World War III. I refuse to pollute my beautiful #LadaRayBlog with the names of those ugly excuses for human beings in the US government, congress, as well as other countries who are implicated in doing so. I think everyone already knows who they are. If not, the information is out there for all to see and to make conclusions accordingly.

Due to a very busy time in my life, I have not been able to post new videos. However, I have a lot to say on the subject. Expect new vids on Lada Ray YT channel, as well as new posts on Futurist Trendcast blog. I will analyse the situation and make new predictions.

Till then, here is a message of reason, peace and hope from the Russian 

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