Confessions of a New Christian: Do I really have to love her?

Very helpful and healing advice. Thanks so much for sharing this with our brothers and sisters in oneness. Blessings Amen.



Updated: 8:50AM, 11/4/13

A few weeks ago, in a small-group I lead for non-Christians interested in Jesus, I heard one of the more terrifying stories I’ve heard since starting ministry (for the sake of privacy, details have been altered). It was a story of an older gentleman, a wonderful older gentleman named Theo.

Theo wasn’t a Christian (until recently). He knew of Jesus but, self-admittedly, he didn’t “follow” Jesus. Nonetheless, he had lived a full life, raised great kids, with healthy grandkids, and had been married to the same woman for twenty-five years.

From the first day I met Theo, I liked him. He had this soft smile that lit up the room, and a dignified manner that made me think he was secretly British royalty. He dressed nice, talked nice, and always had thoughtful questions for the group. Everyone in the group loved Theo, and that’s because…

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4 thoughts on “Confessions of a New Christian: Do I really have to love her?

    • Yes, been back for a few days, feels good to be home. How’s the poetic muse treating you? Any more crazy stories in the works – look forward to reading your latest surrealistic machinations – weirder the better! 😀


      • Feels good to have you back.
        Don’t know why I didn’t get notifications of these replies. Just seeing them.
        The muse left me twice this year. Titanium steel-level writer’s block.
        Otherwise, been too busy to post as oft as even weekly.


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