Four months in London: hot summer, bright autumn, long weekends, Paris is calling, shopping, new people in my life are always welcome, but not the ones that are more weird than I am

Lavinia, I adore your new life! Everyone deserves to be happy just like you, but first we all have to leave our comfort zone. I’m thrilled to hear of your new experiences and enjoying the most precious things in life. London is exactly like you describe, it’s diverse, multicultural and lots of fun. Definitely one of my favorite cities for work and play, hope you fall madly in love and complete the fairy tale before you wake up in Romania. Just kidding! 😀


Four months in London last Tuesday, so, here is my London experience to date, in brief:

– Great summer. Quite an unusual summer for London, long and hot, but I loved it. Well, compared to Romania, it was not that hot. I saw Brits feeling as if they were being boiled, but I think I only wore sandals for a month. And I always had a cardigan in my bag, which I actually used most evenings. In fact, the reason I loved this summer was because it felt like spring to me. I love spring but I never got to truly enjoy it in Romania as it was always too short. Extreme heat always took over quite quick after winter.

– Awesome autumn. I actually got to wear my autumn gear. Just like spring, Romanian autumn is very short as well. And thanks to my nanny job, I get to…

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Above All, Be a Friend

BJ, u certainly exemplify what it means to be a friend by the way you lead u’r life. God Bless U 4 that! U’r sermon was truly heart warming and inspirational. I’m so happy to be u’r friend WHEN we meet up, i’ll give you a great big hug! Love this part:
“So, to simplify – a friend is a close acquaintance, whose company we enjoy, that we share a common struggle or cause with. Brothers and Sisters, all of Heavenly Fathers children here on earth struggle each day to find their way back to Him. Brothers and Sisters, we are ALL friends…we just haven’t met each other yet.”

Take care Bro Jo♥