WTF is happening in Warsaw?

Hi Jan, thanks for sharing your timely concerns regarding the state of our planet. It is unconscionable that politicians play lip service to their constituents while being bought out by big oil. At some point we’ll reach critical mass and it’ll be too late to act… as we Terraform ourselves to death. Climate changes will force us to change the way we live. I remember the images of Beijing, China in preparation for the 2008 Olympics. People were walking
around in masks the air was so thick with factory pollution, there was talk of cancelling the games! Their gov’t was forced (reluctantly) to shut down the local factories for several months. We have to ween ourselves from coal, fossil fuels, since we already have
alternative energy sources. We all need to petition and force our respective gov’t to act.
Firstly, make it a CRIME to accept corporate bribes (donations, campaign contributions, perks & kickbacks). Then jump start the economy by replacing old industrial infrastructure, slowly trickling down to the consumer level. Natural gas would be a reasonable transitional fuel, but we definitely need to adopt clean renewable resources.
We have the technology and manpower to do this, but we also need the willingness to change for the good of all.
Just my thoughts on the matter, I’m sure there are more creative solutions, but we really need to start for real. Thanks for introducing this subject from the heart♥


Presenting a short dialogue between two characters I know quite well, ME and I.

ME  represents me when I really think about climate change and what it means


represents me when I want to convince myself that it will be okay, or when I don’t want to think about it because it is too upsetting, or because thinking about it should naturally lead to doing something about it, and how hard is that? I mean, I have a life to live and blogs to write and a family to care for and places to go and things to do, and Christmas presents to buy. I’m too busy to pay attention to this.


ME:  Climate change is real. There is almost universal agreement about this now. Climate change has the possibility of drastically changing our environment and our way of life.

I: Don’t worry, things will be okay…

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One thought on “WTF is happening in Warsaw?

♥Thanks for sharing♥

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