My Novels on Huge Pre-Holiday Sale + a Freebie!

Lada, I can’t think of a better holiday gift. As an avid reader and connoisseur of all things spiritual, I really appreciate your message of hope and human potential delivered expertly thru thrill-ride storytelling. I hope everyone picks up a copy and enjoy reading with their families. Best wishes with your books and many thanks for your generous spirit! Enlighten the world with your brilliant light. ♥

Lada Ray Blog


Christmas and New Year’s are quickly approaching, and I have great news for those who are ready to load up their new #Kindles, #Nooks and e-readers with some scrumptious holiday reads! If you like original, mind-bending fiction; if you enjoy expanding your horizons with exotic, spiritual, thought-provoking adventures; if you crave knowledge about foreign cultures and the hidden secrets of our world – my books are for you!

All 3 of my novels are on huge sale – both ebooks and paperbacks – for a whole week starting Monday, December 9, through December 16, 2013, on #Amazon, #BN and #Smashwords!

All my 3 novels are now available as paperbacks at both Amazon and BN! Click on buy links below!

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