My Dream World

Dream world, coming to a theatre near you! I love your vision Lavinia, mystics say we create the world according to our beliefs. If that’s the case, let dream it into existence. Welcome to a better world for all. 🙂


My dream world would be mostly sunny. Every now and then, the rain would poor down aggressively, the sky would be grey and the weather would be cold. Well, coldish.

Rainy days are necessary to snuggle under the duvet, with a cup of hot chocolate in one hand and one good book in the other hand and maybe with a cat purring at your feet and a loved one making you a sandwich.

Rainy days are also necessary for a rainbow to decorate the sky, for the grass to shine even greener in a morning which smells like the last night storm.

In my dream world people would mostly love each other. The only accepted suffering would be the heart break. Heart breaks are good and bad at the same time. They make you want to die a thousand deaths but once you are over them you will walk towards…

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