Chinese New Year of the Horse Predictions by Feng Shui Master Lada Ray

New Chinese New Year Lada! Wishing you abundant joy and continued luck throughout the year. As a valued world class prognosticator, I appreciate sharing your wisdom with all of us, u’r predictions always pan out and I feel better prepared after reading your post. Great to hear about Lapchun this year, as I plan to start new partnership and business ventures… very exciting! A million thanks and loving gratitude dear Lada♥ 😀

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Chinese New Year of the Horse Predictions

by the Internationally Certified Feng Shui Master, Lada Ray


The Chinese New Year of the Wood Horse starts on January 31, 2014. The celebrations, as always will last for 15 days. The coming year is a very special year in the Chinese calendar. Why? Read on to find out.

But first, let me explain why this year is called the Year of the Wood Horse.

Chinese elements and colors of the Wood Horse

Just like in Western astrology, there are 12 zodiac signs in the Chinese horoscope. However, since the Chinese system is based on EARTH WISDOM, each sign is denoted not by a celestial body, as in Western astrology, but by an earthly animal totem. 

Although there are only 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac wheel, in actuality each year configuration can repeat only every 60 years, and here is the reason…

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I’m In A Russian Movie!

Sounds like an amazing movie, i hope it’s showing near me. Blessings♥

Seth Adam Smith

I know it sounds crazy, but I’m in a Russian movie!

Well…okay, it’s a movie about Russia. But that still counts, right?

The film is called The Saratov Approach. It’s an indie film that was released in October and—against all odds—is turning Hollywood on its head and smashing records. The film was expected to be a limited release, but has since gone on to achieve national (and international) screenings and a huge endorsement by Larry King himself!

The film is based on the true story of two Mormon missionaries in Russia that were kidnapped and held for ransom for five days. I became involved with the post-production of the film because of my interest in Russia and because of my (laughable) ability to speak Russian. Garrett Batty, the director of the film, asked me to help with the Russian translations.

As a result, I was privileged to get an…

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Save Our Dolphins! Help Stop Mass Dolphin Slaughter in Japan!

Lada Ray Blog

New Update December 7, 2014! Save #Dolphins and #Whales – Join #opKillingBay #opSeaWorld TweetStorm 12/19/14

1/23/14 Important Breaking News! 1. Worldwide #WAZA #Tweetstorm to save #taiji #dolphins is tomorrow, 1/24/14! Scroll down for links, hours, how to join! 2. I posted new info on what we can do to ensure the Taiji dolphin slaughter never happens again – scroll down for the list! 3. Help save the rare albino baby dolphin “Angel,” torn away from her mother and sentenced to a life of captivity because of human greed and cruelty! 4. Last but not least, kudos and #gratitude to #Greece for upholding its ban on captive dolphin performances! More below! Read on!

And now, to my post:

My next post was supposed to be about the Chinese New Year of the Horse and my predictions for the year 2014. But then I learned about what is happening in Japan right this…

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Waking Times – Zen Gardner: Manifesting the Mystic Morphic Field

Great post Wes, thank you for raising our collective morphic field. Many blessings and Love♥

Openhearted Rebellion

Flickr - science - jurvetsonZen Gardner, Guest for Waking Times,

There was an interesting article recently about researchers who found within the computer informational field what appears to be proof of foreknowledge of 9/11. The huge spike in chatter regarding the events immediately prior to the strikes is completely anomalous. In other words, it goes on to say, for it to be just a coincidence is next to impossible.

No big surprise. But what about this informational field?

They call this computer information world a type of “morphic field” or “information field” and it seems to be a virtual manifestation of the global mind. Not all of it of course, but the informational global mind, which at this point in history is a massive amount of generated information that’s accelerating by the hour.

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Please help Save the Dolphins


Please take action and sign the petition above, help stop the mindless slaughter of our fellow mammals. They are intelligent, conscious beings and have a right to live like any sentient being on Earth.  Mass slaughter of these magnificent creatures are a travesty and should not be condoned.

“Although the hunting of dolphins is widely condemned in the West, many in Japan defend the practice as a local custom — and say it is no different to the slaughter of other animals for meat”, this is the viewpoint held by Japanese fishermen. While it may not be “illegal” to hunt, how could anyone in good conscience kill these good natured, friendly, harmless animals? Even without bringing human morality into this debate, where is the empathy and compassion? It simply makes no sense to me why humans commit atrocities not only to ourselves, but to destroy nature, animals and our very environment that we depend upon for our very own survival. Short sighted greed and politics may play a role, but wrong is wrong! There is no logical justification for unnecessary killing when we don’t have to eat what causes pain and suffering to others. Scientist state that the Earth lose hundreds of unique animal species due to man’s influence on wildlife habitat. We keep destroying the rain forests and ravage the oceans with over fishing, oil spills, nuclear radiation. In fifty years or less there will be nothing left of our planet.

While people continue to debate the moral and ethical implications of killing any animal, right or wrong, the fact is we will create mass extinction of everything if left unchecked. Living beings are not unlimited “resources” for humanity to consume mindlessly. We must stop this insanity now to avoid a bleak and desolate future, one where we’ll hang our heads in shame trying to explain to our children why we didn’t do anything when we still had the chance. People please look in your heart and listen, sign the petition. It will make a difference if a united voice of the people demand accountability and reason. With government intervention, action can be taken to affect change, it’s not too late yet we still have a choice, use your voice and stand up for the rights of all animals!

For further reading: (warning, this news story is very disturbing and upsetting, but we all need to Wake Up)

Please do the right thing and help save the dolphins, stand up take action & sign:


Additional resources will be added periodically, please check back.

Thank you♥

Here are a list of tweets, click 2 make u’r voice heard:

1 WAZA: It is time the dolphin captivity industry become part of the solution for killing ‎dolphins, not the BIG PROBLEM!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA
2 If JAZA members continue to acquire dolphins from the drive hunts in Taiji, JAZA should be expelled from WAZA.” #HelpDolphinsWAZA
3 JAZA IS a member of WAZA. STOP LYING Gerald Dick WAZA!!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA
4 WAZA’s “inaction” clearly in conflict with their mission statement emphasising conservation #HelpDolphinsWAZA
5 WAZA’s “inaction” clearly in conflict with their mission statement emphasising sustainability #HelpDolphinsWAZA
6 #HelpDolphinsWAZA ! Are captive industry profits so important to WAZA they ignore screams of dying dolphins in Taiji?
7 WAZA: take steps to discipline aquariums that buy dolphins from drive fisheries like Taiji #HelpDolphinsWAZA
8 WAZA: What kind of ethics condemns dolphin hunts yet takes advantage of them every year? #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
9 #HelpDolphinsWAZA stop making claims based on the false assertion that dolphin hunts are part of “Japanese culture.”
10 WAZA’s Dr. Dick: join Karla & Ric in Taiji to see for yourself what captive industry is doing to dolphins & small whales. #HelpDolphinsWAZA
11 Japanese ask WAZA to help. Dr. Dick responded that WAZA wont take action against the hunts:  #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
12 JAZA is a member of WAZA. “Over 55% of JAZA members continue to buy dolphins from these hunts.” #HelpDolphinsWAZA
13 WAZA and ALL its members should be condemning the dolphin hunts in no uncertain terms. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
14 #HelpDolphinsWAZA Dr. Dick has the power to abolish the violent captures that in turn would likely end the slaughter 
15 WAZA member aquariums subsidize slaughters by buying their live-caught wild dolphins from Taiji #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
16 HEY WAZA!!!! Dolphins are not “livestock” !!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
18 Claiming to protect dolphins in the wild, WAZA suggests ways of “herding” and “acquiring” them  #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
19 WAZA’s goal – develop collaborative relationship for long term wildlife conservation THEY FORGOT SLAUGHTERING DOLPHINS! #HelpDolphinsWAZA
20 #HelpDolphinsWAZA!!“ Drive hunts used by captivity industry to supply wild dolphins to aquariums all over the world. You kill dolphins!!
21 Dr. Gerald Dick end your silence and support of the dolphin capture and killing in Taiji #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
22  Yoko Ono came spoke out for dolphins but not Dr. Dick Executive Director of WAZA #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
23  The World Association of Zoos member SeaWorld has been documented at the cove in the 1980s #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
24  Sign the petition demanding WAZA end their partnership with dolphin drive fisheries in Taiji #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
25  Dr. Dick has the power to abolish the violent captures that in turn would likely end the slaughter. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
26  WAZA /JAZA members subsidize the dolphin drive to obtain new specimens for display #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
27  Mass pod of bottlenose dolphins brutally captured for WAZA members #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
28  WAZA Dr. Dick expel the Taiji Whale Museum for brutally capturing, and slaughtering dolphins #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
29  WAZA members breathed new dollars and new life into the dolphins drive in the 1980s #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
30  The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums say they love dolphins but sponsor the slaughter. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
31  Money determines the madness. As long as the dolphin hunters get the gold from WAZA members, the slaughter will continue. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
32  WAZA must expel members that purchase and display drive fisheries’ dolphins. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
33  World eyes have opened to this abuse of dolphins for marine parks. Isn’t it time WAZA spoke up? #HelpDolphinsWAZ
34  Dolphin drives began as pest control but quickly became a dolphin collection tool for WAZA members. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
35  PLZ sign the petition expelling the Taiji Whale Museum dolphin brokers from WAZA #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
36  Albino dolphin in cove brings worldwide attention to WAZA sanctioned dolphin capture & slaughter #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
37  JAZA board member on WAZA animal ethics committee works with Taiji dolphin drive fisheries. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
38  Bottlenose Dolphins Dying for WAZA, SeaWorld, IMATA and in The Cove #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
39  The Taiji dolphin slaughter is in opposition to WAZA ethics. Sign the petition to end it! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
40  The world must demand WAZA sever all ties with the brutal dolphin drive in Taiji, Japan. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
41  Send WAZA’s PRESIDENT a Fb message! Tell him to enforce WAZA Code of Ethics for Japan dolphins NOW: #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
42  EMAIL WAZA PRESIDENT Lee Ehmke, tell him to enforce WAZA Code of Ethics for Japan dolphins NOW: #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
43  EMAIL WAZA Executive Director Dr Dick! Tell him to enforce WAZA Code of Ethics 4 Japan dolphins NOW #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
44  CALL WAZA! Tell WAZA to enforce their own Code of Ethics for Japan dolphins NOW: Phone +41 (0)22 999 07 90 #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
45  FAX WAZA! Tell WAZA to enforce their own Code of Ethics for Japan dolphins NOW: Fax +41 (0)22 999 07 91 #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
46  EMAIL WAZA! Tell WAZA to enforce their own Code of Ethics for Japan dolphins NOW: #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
47  CONTACT WAZA! Tell WAZA to enforce Ethics Code for Japan dolphins NOW: ► ► #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
48  Proof Taiji Whale Museum IS A WAZA MEMBER: ► #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
49  WAZA’S BLATANT LIE:  #HelpDolphinsWAZA by enforcing Ethics Code NOW & expel JAZA if they continue to violate code! 
50  Open Letter from Japanese Activists to Dr. Gerald Dick, WAZA Executive Director, 20 January 2014 #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
51  WAZA: ‘JAZA Dolphin Management Protocol’ is KILLING dolphins & INHUMANE! End endorsing it NOW!
52  This useless protocol VALIDATES captures & continues to endanger dolphin lives around Japan!  #HelpDolphinsWAZA NOW!
53  JAZA is not abiding WAZA’s ethical codes, which includes condemnation of capturing of dolphins in the drive hunts! #HelpDolphinsWAZA NOW!
54  WAZA clean your bloody hands by ENFORCING Ethics Code NOW & expel JAZA if they continue taking dolphins from drive hunts! #HelpDolphinsWAZA
55  WAZA dolphin drive hunts must end! EXPEL any member facilities that continue to acquire dolphins through drive hunts. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
56  Ironically JAZA, a supporter of capture & slaughter in Taiji is on WAZA’s Animal Welfare Committee! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
57  WAZA: Taiji Dolphin Drives Started in 1969 & Are NOT a Japanese Tradition. STOP THIS LAME EXCUSE! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
59  WAZA’s “inaction” is in conflict with their own mission statement which emphasizes conservation #HelpDolphinsWAZA! 
60  WAZA’s Partnership with JAZA’s Taiji Dolphin Drive Fisheries #HelpDolphinsWAZA NOW! 
61  .@Daybreak Help expose Lies and end Dolphin Slaughters #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
62  WAZA continue to lie .. and dolphins continue to die .. #HelpDolphinsWAZA  @IOL 
63  More lies from WAZA. #HelpDolphinsWAZA @DutchNewsNL 
65  WAZA call  Dolphins livestock yet say they care for animals!! WAZA LIES  #HelpDolphinsWAZA  @HuffingtonPost 
66  .@SKYNews To WAZA, dolphins are only livestock yet they say they care for animals?! Hypocrites!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
67  WAZA think of dolphins as no more than  “livestock.” #HelpDolphinsWAZA @BBCWorld 
68  .@Telegraph WAZA continue to lie .. and dolphins continue to die .. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
69  .@ABCNews WAZA call dolphins livestock yet say they care for animals!! WAZA LIES  #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
70  .@cnni WAZA lie about their involvement in the Taiji Dolphin slaughters!!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
71  .@CNNI WAZA and their seedy deal!!!! Dolphins are not “livestock” !!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
72  WAZA’s “inaction” conflicts mission statement emphasizing conservation & sustainability. #HelpDolphinsWAZA @AlJazeera
73  WAZA’s “inaction” conflicts mission statement emphasizing conservation & sustainability. #HelpDolphinsWAZA @Reuters 
74  .@CNN JAZA is a member institution of WAZA. Over 55% of JAZA-members buy dolphins from these hunts. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
75  .@DailyMirror Help expose Lies and end Dolphin Slaughters . #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
76  Dr Gerald Dick: WAZA has the power to expel Taiji Whale Museum from WAZA for routinely violating WAZA Code of Ethics #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
77  Dr Gerald Dick: The cruel Taiji Whale Museum IS A MEMBER OF WAZA! Stop denying it. Expel it from WAZA membership NOW #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
78  WHOSE side is WAZA on, the dolphins or the corporations? #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
79  WAZA: it’s time to expel JAZA AND Gerald Dick!!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
80 #HelpDolphinsWAZA  WAZA: dolphin families are being slaughtered to restock dolphinariums

81 Family slaughtered in Taiji Japan and now coming to a marine prison near you. THIS IS CAPTIVITY PEOPLE! Thank WAZA!!! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
82 Japanese people say dolphin capture and hunt not “Tradition” while WAZA remains silent. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
83  New WAZA statement a flat out lie! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
84  FRESH NEW WAZA LIE: Taiji Whale Museum IS A WAZA MEMBER through JAZA: ► #HelpDolphinsWAZA NOW! 
85   Asia a hotspot for dolphins captured in the cove. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
86  The dolphin drive almost died but WAZA members kept it alive! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
87  JAZA WAZA’s right hand keeps the dolphin drive alive! #HelpDolphinsWAZA 
88  About 500 dolphins held Japan’s marine parks were captured during a violent and deadly drive hunt. #HelpDolphinsWAZA 

Wes Annac – Free Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 1 – 1-20-14

Thx 4 sharing unitive consciousness with “us” brother Wes.
Slow and steady, we’ll all get there. Family always does♥ Namaste☼

Higher Density Blog

Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

Unitive consciousness will be a result of the lightened vibration of humanity, and however unattainable it seems, it’ll come to us naturally. Unity only seems difficult right now because most people are still stuck on a murky, low vibration, but when we reach a greater state of consciousness, peace and unity will flow like water.

There’ll be no push; no drive to bring humanity together. There’ll be no effort involved; no campaigns or movements, however important they are right now (and they are important). All of the work we’ve put in, combined with a conscious society, will bring us together like a unitive magnet.

When we’re on a higher vibration, no separation or hatred will exist. Nobody will think they’re better or worse than another, and each person will be secure in their unique divinity and that of the people around them.


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Rhinoceros in South Africa need your help before their extinction!

Lada I commend you for taking the necessary action to (hopefully) end this despicable practice of killing animals for profit or sport. A national registry of animal abusers is a necessary first step to identify the offenders. Awareness and education is key to prevention, if only people (consumers) realize the depravity and horror which takes place in order to procure these tusks and horns, I’m sure they will be less inclined to support this illegal activity and trade. The only reason for this carnage is because overwhelming demand in the marketplace leads to greed and corruption. Gov’t and the people do have to stand up for animal rights because who else will? We have to be the voice of the defenseless, we have a moral obligation to fight (peacefully) as conscious human beings who respect all life and put an end to this madness once and for all. Please I hope everyone will sign the petition and place pressure on their respective gov’t representatives to take action against these poachers. It’s a sad legacy when biodiversity is diminishing at an alarming rate under our stewardship. At this rate, there will be nothing left on this poor Earth to consume. We will be the cause of our own destruction and wonder how it all happened, how foolish that we didn’t do something when we had the chance. Let us change the future for the better, at the very least do no harm. I’ll be praying for the preservation of all life on Earth. ♥

Lada Ray Blog

The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be measured by the way its animals are treated. ~ Mahatma Gandhi

When I see such grave injustice and #animalabuse, I can’t keep silent! I just signed two petitions at to protect the animals: first one against outrageously barbaric practice of killing #rhinoceros in Africa for their highly prized horns, which threatens to annihilate the last survivors of this ancient and rare species; second – for creating a registry of all known domestic animal abusers in the USA. The innocent animals that are a subject of these two petitions are as different as they get, but the conclusion is, unfortunately, the same – the predator, the abuser, the murderer in all cases is A HUMAN! This makes me very sad to be a part of the human race. There is only one hope: those of us who are conscious, those who have compassion…

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