To All Who Care About Our Earth and Our Future: Say NO to #Fracking, YES to #Renewables!

Spread awareness and shut them down in Albany!! WE DO NOT WANT FRACKING, R U LISTENING CUOMO? Let’s collapse this system of control, it starts at the grassroots level. You go Lada!! ♥

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Thanks to citizens’ participation and awareness, New York State, where I live, has enjoyed a 5-year moratorium on the barbaric, and incredibly destructive to all life, practice of #fracking. However, it is now up for review in Albany!

“Don’t Frack with New York!” Tell Gov. Cuomo: Ban Fracking Now!

Campaign cash is flooding the halls of the Capitol. Since 2007, pro-fracking companies and organizations have donated more than $14 million to state and legislative candidates.

That cash isn’t going unnoticed at the Capitol, but neither is your voice. Last week’s 5th anniversary of New York’s moratorium on #hydrofracking proves that people-power can beat back the influence of campaign cash.

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5 thoughts on “To All Who Care About Our Earth and Our Future: Say NO to #Fracking, YES to #Renewables!

  1. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Thank you for posting this. I live in Florida where despite our karst ( limestone permeated with our drinking water) geology our Republican governor and legislature are determined to allow fracking.

    This goes beyond insane into actively seeking to harm citizens. I pray we can avert this and that all of you in New York and other states are successful in protecting your land and waters from fracking as well.


    • Thanks for commenting ohnwentsya, I wholeheartedly agree, we must take a stand and protest when such a blatant injustice has been committed. States that allow fracking are succumbing to greed and condoning corporate corruption. They are betraying their constituents who elected them to serve the people. This is unconscionable tyranny against humanity!


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