Wes Annac – Free Flowing Unitive Consciousness – Part 1 – 1-20-14

Thx 4 sharing unitive consciousness with “us” brother Wes.
Slow and steady, we’ll all get there. Family always does♥ Namaste☼

Higher Density Blog


Written by Wes Annac, Conscious Oneness

Unitive consciousness will be a result of the lightened vibration of humanity, and however unattainable it seems, it’ll come to us naturally. Unity only seems difficult right now because most people are still stuck on a murky, low vibration, but when we reach a greater state of consciousness, peace and unity will flow like water.

There’ll be no push; no drive to bring humanity together. There’ll be no effort involved; no campaigns or movements, however important they are right now (and they are important). All of the work we’ve put in, combined with a conscious society, will bring us together like a unitive magnet.

When we’re on a higher vibration, no separation or hatred will exist. Nobody will think they’re better or worse than another, and each person will be secure in their unique divinity and that of the people around them.


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♥Thanks for sharing♥

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