Save Our Dolphins! Help Stop Mass Dolphin Slaughter in Japan!

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New Update December 7, 2014! Save #Dolphins and #Whales – Join #opKillingBay #opSeaWorld TweetStorm 12/19/14

1/23/14 Important Breaking News! 1. Worldwide #WAZA #Tweetstorm to save #taiji #dolphins is tomorrow, 1/24/14! Scroll down for links, hours, how to join! 2. I posted new info on what we can do to ensure the Taiji dolphin slaughter never happens again – scroll down for the list! 3. Help save the rare albino baby dolphin “Angel,” torn away from her mother and sentenced to a life of captivity because of human greed and cruelty! 4. Last but not least, kudos and #gratitude to #Greece for upholding its ban on captive dolphin performances! More below! Read on!

And now, to my post:

My next post was supposed to be about the Chinese New Year of the Horse and my predictions for the year 2014. But then I learned about what is happening in Japan right this…

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2 thoughts on “Save Our Dolphins! Help Stop Mass Dolphin Slaughter in Japan!

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  2. I agree not everyone can be as mindful of even a straying ant as I can be at times; but, even if we won’t hesitate out of the slightest admiration for these lovely creatures, we should at least be selfish enough to know that destabilizing the ecosystem will come to affect our existence on the planet someday.


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