one-hundred kilos

Alice, you are a brave and courageous soul. As you’ve learned, the dearest things you keep close to u’r heart and you’ll always have those precious memories. In the end, ya can’t take it with you anyway.
You have friends and family, which makes you infinitely rich. God Bless!

US Government Goes Stark Raving Mad

Kinda makes you wish for the good ole’ days when GW was Prez, at least humor wasn’t lost in the irony. Our “proxy” gov’t is truly pathetic, they actually believe their own P.R. lies 😦
A few old Russian adages:
Enemies are not the problem, you cannot defend one’s country from idiots within.
Russian joke:
Spins the globe and asks: Friend, can you help me find a friendly, peaceful place to live?
Ahh sure… do you have another globe?
😦 Politicians are from Mars, real leaders are for the Earth.
Old corrupt paradigms, systems of control, invariably collapse,
all “evil empires” do. 😦

More news: A day or two ago, we found out that IMF and EU offered the new government of Ukraine a package of $20 bln. Washington has offered additional $1bln in “pro-reform aid.” Note: USA’s neocon Assistant Secretary of State, Victoria #Nuland admitted in December to USA spending $5.5bln on subverting Ukraine and preparing for the coup (more in Part 1). But to aid Ukraine’s stabilization after the coup they only have $1bln. Meanwhile, the new Ukraine government insists they need $35bln to avoid bankruptcy.
For more info, check out: