S.N. Goenka: This Moment, Now, is the Most Important For Us

Only go straight, the goal is to help “others” realize their truth, which in turn helps “us” to live accordingly in every present moment. Great reminder Wes!

Openhearted Rebellion

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Our suffering stems from ignorance. We react because we do not know what we are doing, because we do not know the reality of ourselves. The mind spends most of the time lost in fantasies and illusions, reliving pleasant or unpleasant experiences and anticipating the future with eagerness or fear. While lost in such cravings or aversions, we are unaware of what is happening now, what we are doing now.

Yet surely this moment, now, is the most important for us. We cannot live in the past; it is gone. Nor can we live in the future; it is forever beyond our grasp. We can live only in the present. If we are unaware of our present actions, we are condemned to repeating the mistakes of the past and can never succeed in attaining our dreams for the future. But if we can…

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USA declares war on democracy

No matter how we try to deny the obvious, there is a clear pattern of violence, death, destruction in the name of some “ideology” which clearly benefits the power elite. This imperialist exploitation can not continue with their “business as usual” rhetoric, esp. when nuclear brinkmanship is nigh. It’s time to change the paradigm, starting with us, spreading awareness is a start.

Ukraine Part 7: Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake

Lada, u broke it down beautifully, I was never interested in geopolitics, but now it’s too important not to understand what’s really going on, and what we must do (raise our collective consciousness) to effect really change in the world. Like Gandhi said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.” I whole-heartedly agree with you, we must do everything in our power to spread the truth and educate our fellow citizens of the world – for peace.

Futurist Trendcast


On Friday, March 7, 2014 I will be on the Time Monk Radio’s show PLANE TRUTH. We will be talking in detail about the situation in Ukraine, Russia’s role, USA/EU, geopolitics, my predictions, as well as my books. I will post the video of the interview as soon as it becomes available.  Stay tuned!

Latest news: #G7 countries have announced a suspension of preparations for the #G8 meeting that was supposed to be held in #Sochi in June. #USA and #EU also announced they would be imposing sanctions on #Russia for “invading” their own naval base in #Crimea, protecting Russia’s own fleet and millions of Russians that were openly threatened by the #nazis taking over #Kiev.

Those who came here late, may read my prior posts with thorough analysis and video proofs of what is really happening in Ukraine. Particularly Part 4: Nazi coup succeeds. At the bottom of…

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