FULL Lada Ray Interview About Ukraine and Russia With Plane Truth: The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev

Lada, great job clarifying the real cabal unfolding in Ukraine! Great to know that citizens of Crimea voicing their rights through self-determination, and not allowing foreign agents to dictate their future. I suspect most of Ukraine will follow suit if citizens of Kiev band together and resist their Nazi oppressors, i.e. US and EU hired thugs. Peace and well wishes to the people, hope they can organize and elect a real leader, not another installed dictator. Prayers & love☼

Lada Ray Blog

Lada Ray Interview About Ukraine and Russia With Plane Truth:

The Road to Moscow Goes Through Kiev

Listen to my exensive new interview with the Time Monk Radio‘s show, The Plane Truth. We talk in detail about current situation in Ukraine, the future of the Crimea and the rest of Ukraine, history and cultural background of different parts of Ukraine, Russia’s geopolitics, USA and EU’s role in Ukraine. We also touch upon my far-reaching predictions concerning Russia, Ukraine, EU, USA and the Middle East.



You can read my geopolitical analysis and predictions at futuristrendcast.wordpress.com. Presently, I am writing an ongoing series of articles addressing the situation, developments and prospects of Ukraine, as well as Russia’s, US/EU roles in this crisis.

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