Feel Good Fridays Funny Post

Russian Instagram Users Slap Obama With Sanctions Targeting Pets, Bathroom Use

After Russian President Vladimir Putin annexed Crimea, the White House slapped sanctions on several of his closest allies. Russian Instagram users have announced punishing measures in response.

Mr. President, always remember… there are always consequences for your actions. The people have spoken, now suffer their sanctions!   Click here for more…

“SANCTION: U.S. President Barack Obama is forbidden from petting my cat Mukha and from using her tray and her bowls.”       http://instagram.com/p/lz6ihhtT4h

Click here for more…

Enjoy your weekend everyone!  🙂

How to Backup your Blog!

Hi Everyone,

If you value your content and wish to mirror your current blog, here’s how:

1. Hover over your blog icon on upper left corner, then click on DASHBOARD tab
2. Hover down the menu and click on TOOLS/ EXPORT
3. On the EXPORT page, click on the 2nd option: EXPORT (Create an XML file containing your posts and comments for you to save or import into another WordPress blog.) FREE
4. Choose: (ALL CONTENT), then click (Download Export File)
5. Make a note of where you want to save that XML file, usually default saved under your DOWNLOADS FOLDER
6. Hover over your upper right corner Gravatar, click SIGN OUT.

7. Now you should be in wordpress.com
8. Create a Brand New Blog, click the Big Orange: (GET STARTED) button.
9. USE A DIFFERENT EMAIL OR CREATE A NEW ONE, when registering this new blog.
10. Fill in applicable info. For blog name I’d keep it simple like: YourBlogBackup.wordpress.com so you won’t forget in the future.
11. After it’s created, log into the new blog.
12. Bring up the newly created backup blog – it will be empty.
13. Now hover over to DASHBOARD/ TOOLS/ IMPORT
14. Under the Import Menu, click WordPress
15. Click on: (Choose File) tab and select that XML file you had just saved under DOWNLOADS
16. Click: (Upload File and Import)
17. Drop down menu, select YourBlogBackup (or whatever you wish to name the backup)
18. Click (Submit)
19. Check your new email for confirmation that your Backup Blog has mirrored u’r Blog.
20. It usually takes 5 minutes. Check u’r backup blog and it should be an exact duplicate!
21. Last step, hover over Settings tab (right under the Tools tab)
22. Click on (READING), scroll down midway (under Site Visibility), select the button: (I would like my site to be private, visible only to users I choose).
23. Scroll all the way down and click: (SAVE CHANGES).
24. Now scroll to the upper left hand corner, click on your blog name make sure it’s mirrored.

Now you have a proper BACKUP GHOST SITE, nobody knows about it but you. Make sure you routinely backup u’r blog, I do mine every Sunday evening, or more often if you wish.

Good Luck☼