Flight 370 reality check: A Boeing 777 doesn’t disappear unless governments want it to disappear

It’s nearly impossible to pull of a believable “false flag” operation. There are so many details and loose ends to cover up, and too many unanswered questions to evade. 9-11 was the greatest pretext leading to war aside from Pearl Harbor. It would be difficult for the US to pull off this one. Too many people are aware and Anticipating the war machine’s next move. 😦
“Flight 370 most likely did not crash; it was almost certainly taken over (possibly by remote control) and flown to a destination with all passengers alive and the aircraft in one piece.

What happens from there is anyone’s guess, but the most likely use of such a stolen aircraft is to turn it into a massive airborne weapons delivery system to be outfitted with biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. Believe me when I say this is the real scenario being discussed behind closed doors at the Pentagon. The “pilot suicide” explanation is merely the sucker’s version of events for public consumption.”

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