Awareness — If I manage to restrain my mind, by Acharya Shantideva

“Who intentionally forged the weapons in hell? Who constructed the burning iron floors? Where did all the women spring from? The Buddha taught that all such things show the presence of an evil mind. Hence within this triple world there is nothing to fear but the mind.

If the perfection of giving were realized by eliminating all poverty in the world, then how could the previous Buddhas have perfected it? For destitute people still exist today. But it has been taught that giving is brought to perfection through the intention to give away everything one has (including the fruits of such deeds) to all beings. Hence it is simply a state of mind.”

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Jim Willie — The Gazprom Wars and the Ukrainian Trap on The Plane Truth

Brilliant post Lada, it should be titled “geopolitical/ economic games fascists play, starring the US” LoL. The interview speak volumes about the US playbook and the grand chessboard.

Futurist Trendcast

Below is another excellent interview with Jim Willie of the Golden Jackass by our friends at The Plane Truth radio.

First, a few of my thoughts:

Jim Willie is discussing how the West is trying to attack the Russian Gazprom. Gazprom is a major player in the world economy. It is one of the world’s largest companies. Russia owns at least 30% of the world’s gas. Another issue raised in this interview concerns the Russian gold and what was really behind the Cyprus debacle last year, how it was related to Russia and Russian financial interests. What is Europe’s role. Russian gas pipelines and Syria. And finally, how’s Ukraine related to all this.

In this regard, also read/watch my piece explaining the Cyprus crisis.

Let’s tie the Gazprom attack idea with fracking, or hydraulic fracturing. Let’s recall that the USA, and by extension Canada, are engaged in massive fracking on…

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