How to Resolve Ukraine Problem: “Crimea Belongs to Russia, Transcarpathia to Hungary”

Astute assessment of Ukr., we do need int. peacekeepers, yet it is against US interests to do so. the conflict will escalate until US backs down, it won’t be an easy fight. I do appreciate Hungarian delegate, Tamas Gaudi-Nagi, humorous gesture. His point was well taken. 😉

Futurist Trendcast

RT, April 10, 2014: “Russian delegation leaves PACE session in protest at Ukraine resolution. The Parliamentary Assembly for the Council of Europe (PACE) has suspended Russia’s right to vote and excluded them from leadership positions in retaliation for Crimea voting to join Russia. The Russian delegation will also be omitted from all positions of leadership, the Bureau, Presidential and Permanent committees. Russia’s right to attend observer missions and monitor elections was also suspended, with the head of the country’s delegation, Aleksey Pushkov saying “this is an awful violation of Russia’s rights”. (This effectively means Russia is being denied the observer status for the Ukrainian elections in May – LR). Pushkov stated: “The resolutions look like they are from NATO, not from an institution meant to unite Europe. This is a triumph of double standards.” More on RT

Russian delegation left the current PACE session in protest. Russia announced that they will…

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