Global Consequences: Russia Announces Eurasian Union and New Currency Altyn

Wow, I’m seeing an awesome investment opportunity, gold backed Altyn! Too bad they won’t exchange for worthless US $s, lol. Perhaps I should start prepping & stockpile weapons, canned beans, toiletries… NOT! The smart money’s going EAST, a nice apt in Moscow, Singapore or Hong Kong works for this prognosticator. 😀 😮 o_O 🙄 💡 ❓

Futurist Trendcast

On multiple previous occasions I have predicted that any sanctions against Russia by the West will only backfire, expediting Russia’s re-orientation to the East and the unavoidable re-molding of the Western financial/economic model.

Russia’s re-orientation and subsequent creation of the independent financial system is what the banksters of Wall Street and London City fear most. This will eventually result in a catastrophe for the US/UK and EU, except for those European countries that succeed in re-orienting their economies to the East. Meanwhile, Russia, China and other countries in the Eurasian space, will benefit tremendously. Read: Ukraine Part 7: Russia’s Geopolitics, USA’s Bluff and EU’s Big Mistake.

The US and EU can be proud: as a result of their aggressively provocative behavior and the double standards galore, they managed to expedite the process by at least ten years.

The Presidents of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus have officially announced that the transition…

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