Ukraine Scandals! USA Raids Ukrainian Gold and EU Sends Nuclear Waste

Thank you Lada, Russian history is so rich and culturally diverse, it’s great to rediscover “lost” gold. Perhaps US wants to “erase” this part of Russian history as well, lol!
I wouldn’t be surprised if the gold ships directly to China, US’s largest creditor “partner” for paying off outstanding debts… oh well, only a couple of trillion left to go in foreign debt. Talk about running up the credit card tab, sheesh!
For accountability, gold is king, cash will collapse. Hence the US’s push for war to defend the dying empire. Really beautiful artwork nevertheless. Great investigative journalism as always Lada.♥

Futurist Trendcast

I have said in my previous articles that the US and EU strategies in Ukraine are multi-prong. The idea is that even if some of the strategies don’t pan out, others will. The US and EU each have their own interests, which are in some cases coincide and others are quite different. The main interest of the US is to destabilize Ukraine. By creating an area of permanent instability on the Russian border, US hopes to further destabilize Russia and Eurasia as a whole, as well as to draw a wedge between Europe and Russia. One of the goals was also taking over the Crimea and building US/NATO military bases there, therefore squeezing Russia out of the Black Sea almost entirely. But as we know, that part of their multi-prong stratagem has already backfired. I am sitting back and waiting for the other parts to do the same… As discussed…

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