The Palestinians Are Under Attack!

Hear Here Shelby! The US pretends to be a God fearing “Christian” nation, but the atrocities committed all over the world on behalf of our so called government is a direct assault on humanity. And u’r correct to imply it’s all our faults because we are our government. It’s our responsibility to reign in the monster If enough of “us” care to wake up in time. Keep exposing the truth Shelby, there’s no other choice!



Another child dies in Palestine,
while we sit and drink some wine.

How could we be so cold
with all the shit that we uphold?

What the Jews are doing ain’t right.
And this should be our fight.

We wouldn’t like an occupation.
And Israel has no justification,
for what it’s doing to the Gaza Strip
with our leaders in partnership.

When evil reigns supreme,
all is not as it might seem.

Israel is wrong and that’s a fact.
The Palestinians are under attack.

It’s Israel over them,
but Israel ain’t no gem.

They scream, “The Holocaust!”
But look who’s paying the cost.

Written by,
Shelby I. Courtland
©2014 Shelby I. Courtland

What are we doing to each other? What is the matter with us? How can we even stand to look at ourselves? Many of us are an abomination and THAT is a fact! Screw this goddamn shit! I’m…

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