“These Dreams”

Spare a little candle
Save some light for me
Figures up ahead
Movin’ in the trees
White skin in linen
Perfume on my wrist
And the full moon that hangs over
These dreams in the mist

Darkness on the edge
Shadows where I stand
(Shadows where I stand)
I search for the time
On a watch with no hands
I want to see you clearly
Come closer than this
(All I remember)
But all I remember
Are the dreams in the mist

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it’s cold outside
Every moment I’m awake the further I’m away
(Further I’m away)

Is it cloak and dagger?
Could it be spring or fall?
I walk without a cut
Through a stained glass wall
(Weaker in my eyesight)

Weaker in my eyesight
The candle in my grip
(Words that have no form)
And words that have no form
Are fallin’ from my lips

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it’s cold outside
Every moment I’m awake the further I’m away
(Further I’m away)

There’s somethin’ out there
I can’t resist
I need to hide away, from the pain
There’s somethin’ out there
I can’t resist

The sweetest song is silence
That I’ve ever heard
(Never touch the earth)
Funny how your feet
In dreams never touch the earth

In a wood full of Princess
Freedom is a kiss
(Prince hides his face)
But the Prince hides his face
From dreams in the mist

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it’s cold outside
Every moment I’m awake the further I’m away

These dreams go on when I close my eyes
Every second of the night I live another life
These dreams that sleep when it’s cold outside
Every moment I’m awake


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RT: China to ditch US consulting firms over suspected espionage

LOL, when will corrupt empires ever learn… the key to a kingdom everlasting lies with cooperation, kindness, and harmony with your neighbors. That’s the fact Jack!
“Beijing responded by calling the US a ‘robber playing cop’, and more recently said the US is a “mincing rascal” and involved in “high-level hooliganism”.
The US-China fallout came after revelations made by NSA contractor Edward Snowden that the US uses economic cyber espionage to spy on international competitors, including China.”

Edward Snowden ‘was trained as a spy,’ he tells NBC

To watch the video interview click below:
By Dana Ford, CNN
updated 4:46 PM EDT, Wed May 28, 2014
Source: CNN

  • NSA document leaker Edward Snowden says he was trained as a spy
  • He worked for the CIA, NSA and Defense Intelligence Agency, he tells NBC’s Brian Williams
  • Calling him a contractor is bid “to distract from the totality of my experience,” he says
  • Snowden is in Russia to avoid prosecution in U.S. on espionage charges

(CNN) — A low-level systems administrator? Or a highly trained spy?

Edward Snowden sought to bolster his credentials during an interview with NBC “Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams.

The one-hour interview, Snowden’s first with a U.S. television network, is scheduled to air at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday.

An excerpt aired Tuesday night.

“I was trained as a spy in sort of the traditional sense of the word — in that I lived and worked undercover, overseas, pretending to work in a job that I’m not — and even being assigned a name that was not mine,” Snowden said.

Greenwald on privacy and journalism

Photos: NSA leaker Edward SnowdenPhotos: NSA leaker Edward Snowden

Snowden questions Putin on camera

Sharing secrets: U.S. intelligence leaksSharing secrets: U.S. intelligence leaks

“Now, the government might deny these things. They might frame it in certain ways, and say, oh, well, you know, he’s a low-level analyst.

“But what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to use one position that I’ve had in a career, here or there, to distract from the totality of my experience, which is that I’ve worked for the Central Intelligence Agency, undercover, overseas.

“I’ve worked for the National Security Agency, undercover, overseas. And I’ve worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency as a lecturer at the Joint Counterintelligence Training Academy, where I developed sources and methods for keeping our information and people secure in the most hostile and dangerous environments around the world.”

Snowden continued: “So when they say I’m a low-level systems administrator, that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’d say it’s somewhat misleading.”

A spokeswoman for the NSA declined to comment Tuesday on the NBC report.

Williams traveled to Moscow, where Snowden fled to escape prosecution for leaking classified documents that detailed U.S. surveillance programs.

Snowden hasn’t been able to leave Russia since U.S. officials charged him with espionage and revoked his passport.

What he leaked sparked a national debate about privacy and security.

President Barack Obama and military officials remain in support of mass, warrantless surveillance. But civil libertarians, technology companies and others oppose it, noting the lack of transparency.

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Truth, Lie and Propaganda. An Appeal to the American People from a Ukrainian

Interesting the musician, Fillip Vartan Melkhizedek, has taken on the name from the order of “Melchizedek”. This “title” aligns with ancient esoteric mystical schools of knowledge and wisdom.

The name Melchizedek has biblical references referring to a king of noble righteousness, consisting of two words, Melek-King , Zedek-Righteousness which are a interpretation of his name. This person was also known as the King of Salem meaning king of peace, a title given to a historical person living in Abrahams time.

Lord Melchizedek is an ancient cosmic being in charge of the order of Melchizedek, This brotherhood of light organizes the Mystery School, which holds the secrets of God, the Universe and the true history of the planet, and is working to establish heaven on Earth. Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Elijah, Abraham, were high priests in the Order of Melchizedek. All humans belong at some level to this order.

“Best known as the Order Of Melchizedek, the White Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood Of Light. We are legions of ancient Brothers, Ascended Masters, angels, and light-bearing ascended species from different dimensions. We are the scribes for God. We are the gatherers of information, of knowledge and dare we say, of Truth. Someone has to keep records, dear one. We are in charge of the Akashic Records. We are the ones who remember All. We are the ones who teach others the concept of All. We also stand witness to others’ progress and help them when we can. We are material mechanics, spiritual surgeons that minister to human beings. We are dedicated, in this quadrant, to the evolution of humanity through the transmission of wisdom and knowledge, which becomes your truth and your power to rise above that which you see with your physical eyes.”

It’s no accident this “comedian” becomes the voice of the people, to help us remember who we are and where we came from, to dispel the lies and awaken global consciousness. The time is now to awaken and reclaim our birthright, we are all loving, shining beacons of hope and TRUTH.☼

Futurist Trendcast

I simply had to post this video! It is addressed to the American people by a well-known musician from #Khrakov, #Ukraine, Filip Vartan Melkhizedek, and it has gone viral on Youtube. This is a well-informed, yet at the same time mystical & pacifist call from someone who is in the middle of it all. Filip is a Ukrainian citizen with Armenian roots, who as many, identifies with the Greater Russian culture. Unfortunately, since March when this video was first published, much happened in Ukraine – and the situation continues spiraling out of control.

Following the farce of the Kiev presidential election, a renewed full-blown military assault on the people of #Donbass is taking place. Some have naively hoped that after the elections the president-elect of Ukraine, Piotr #Poroshenko, would enter negotiations and call off Ukrainian troops from the East, resulting in cessation of hostilities, or at least in ceasefire. The opposite happened…

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Published on Jul 24, 2013

Environmental Scientists Eugene Franklin Mallove, Juventina Villa Mojica and Dorothy Stang murdered after releasing lab test results linking chemtrails to the mass death of fish, plant and animal life

Orignial Video
Part 1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQeWA…
Part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ducat…
Part 3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hSrv…