A Fundraising Gala to Benefit WildAid

November 15, 2014 


VIP Reception

5:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Cocktail Reception
& Silent Auction

6:00 PM – 7:30 PM
Dinner & Dancing

8:00 PM – 12:00 AM
Cocktail Attire 


The Ritz-Carlton Hotel 


A Fundraising Gala to Benefit WildAid
Please join us as we celebrate WildAid’s successful collaboration with China to reduce the demand for illegal wildlife products and the most recent work of our WildAid ambassadors including Yao Ming, Jackie Chan, Li Bing Bing, Prince William, David Beckham, Maggie Q, and Edward Norton.


Enjoy a cocktail and hors d’oeuvres reception with a silent auction and cultural performances followed by an Asian-infused 4-course dinner with celebrity surprises and honorees. Music and dancing will top off the evening!


Be a part of making a difference: “When the buying stops,
the killing can too.”


   Individual Gala Ticket

$750 ($500 tax-deduction)


   Individual Gala and VIP Reception Ticket

$1,250 ($900 tax-deduction)



Individual Sponsorship
Corporate Sponsorship
    Advocate $5,000 
    ($4,300 tax-deduction)
    2 gala tickets, 2 VIP reception tickets


   Protector $10,000 
   ($7,300 tax-deduction)
   10 gala tickets, 2 VIP reception tickets
    Guardian $25,000 

($19,600 tax-deduction)

    20 gala tickets, 4 VIP reception tickets


    Conservationist $50,000 
    ($43,000 tax-deduction)
    20 gala tickets, 20 VIP reception tickets
Shark $15,000 
($12,500 tax-deduction)
10 gala tickets, 10 general reception tickets


Tiger $25,000 
($22,100 tax-deduction)
10 gala tickets, 4 VIP reception tickets


Rhino $50,000 

($46,500 tax-deduction)

10 gala tickets, 10 VIP reception tickets


Elephant $100,000 
($93,000 tax-deduction)
20 gala tickets, 20 VIP reception tickets

Learn more about corporate sponsorship benefits.

For further information including sponsorship opportunities,
please visit www.wildaid.org/gala2014 or contact Corie Knights at corie@wildaid.org.
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It’s not Russia that’s pushed Ukraine to the brink of war

It’s ironic that the US labeled Russia the “evil empire” during the cold war. Now we all know who the real “DEVIL” is in the world, all Putin has to do is hold up a mirror, revealing the actions perpetuated by the imperialist West to start wars. It’s all about control and global domination. The veil of democracy has worn thin, we can see the puppet master.

Go to hell, America!

Sounds crazy but we can learn alot from the Ukrainians, it takes a grass roots movement putting their lives on the line taking it to the streets and protest. Most Ukr. want to return to sanity and unite with Russia because they ARE mostly Russian! They don’t want Western interference starting war as much as most people around the world. The US tried to install a Nazi puppet with a takeover coup but it’s failing! The Ukr. people have spoken, now it’s up to Americans to do the same and speak up against tyranny. We need to overthrow the power hungry elites that has taken over our gov’t and hell bent on destroying the world with their madness. It’s gonna take every one of us to stand up and take a stand – WE DO NOT WANT THIS!