Global Drugs War a ‘$300 Billion-dollar Failure’

Openhearted Rebellion

The report recommends a tailored redirection of resources into health programmes and liberal drug policies [AP]

Note from Stephen Cook: That’s because the alphabet agencies and the cabal are running both the war on drugs AND the global drug trade. Interesting though, that this report says to end the war on drugs – thus cutting off another huge source of cabal income. But just like ending the multi-billion (or is that trillion?) dollar expenditure on arms and defence: the sooner the better.

From AlJazeera, May 6, 2014  – | Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Photo: The report recommends a tailored redirection of resources into health programmes and liberal drug policies [AP]

The global “war on drugs” has been a catastrophic failure and world leaders must rethink their approach, a group including five Nobel prize-winning economists, Britain’s deputy prime minister and a former US secretary of state has said.

An academic report published on Tuesday by the London School of Economics (LSE), called Ending the…

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Honoring the Sacred

Pat, some may say that you have arrived, but I contend that you’d never left. Centered and present, where to go?

Source of Inspiration

We have forgotten
the wonder of spiderwebs,
earthworms, ants marching
of how it feels to
squish mud between our toes
wish upon a star
put fireflies in our hair

We are too busy
making money and war
keeping our focus
on treadmill pursuits
too busy to see dewdrops
feel summer breezes
catch a snowflake on our tongue


I have stopped achieving,
competing, acquiring.
I’ve changed my priorities
become more generous
to myself and others
I’ve let go of tomorrows
the frantic need to
keep moving
now I move
savoring each
each opportunity
to be wholly present
each having equal value
mopping floors, stopping
to watch the sun play
patterns on waterfalls
both sacred moments
to cherish

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Citizens disarming troops in the Ukraine (11:50)

Every person/nation has the right to self determination… perhaps the US leaders would do well to read the Constitution. Americans have been concerned with their rights for hundreds of years. The right to practice religion however we wished was one of the primary reasons the first settlers came to America from England. The right of representation and self-determination was one of the primary reasons the Revolutionary War was fought. The right for all persons to be free was one of the reasons the Civil War was fought. So now we forget our roots and deny others the same rights, WHAT HYPOCRISY!