Is There Israel and Mossad Involvement in Ukraine?

Excellent analysis Lada, love your straight talk, exposing the players and slayers…

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I want to address a question I have been asked a few times. What is Israel’s and Mossad’s role in Ukraine, if any? The information is very confusing. However, after much research I was able to form a pretty good picture, which I want to share with you.

Note, this is a truthful, fact-based and very balanced report! I am not Jewish; however, I have Jewish friends, including the most dear friend of my adolescence, Alexander, who now resides with his family in Israel. I loved his mom and dad and I always thought they were the best parents in the world. I’ve been to Israel and I know what the country is about. A large portion of Odessa population was, and still is, Jewish. Many of my friends were Jewish both in Odessa and NYC. In the intellectual circles, you have to expect to have a lot of Jewish…

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West, Stop Bloodshed In Ukraine You Have Started!

Everyone plz sign the petitions below to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine. I’m seeing history repeating, if we don’t take action now, who’s gonna save u’r ass when “they” come for you!

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“Don’t take him to western Ukraine; take him instead to Odessa, a nice city, great place to raise a family.” Everything is Illuminated – book and movie

On May 2, 2014, the scum from the western ukraine nazi right sector, which was openly applauded and aided by the governments of the US, UK, Canada, Germany, Poland, Lithuania and EU, burned alive a large number of citizens of Odessa, including 16-year-olds and middle-aged women!

As some of you know, I grew up in Odessa, a beautiful city on the Black Sea, peaceful resort and nice place to raise your family. I have great memories of my childhood and of the lovely square called Kulikovo Polie, where I used to take many strolls as a child. I have awesome memories of one of the most beautiful streets in Odessa, the city’s pride and joy, Pushkinskaya, on which the great Russian poet Alexander…

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Campaign for Fair Elections in NY


I’m sure you were just as disappointed as I when Albany created a sure-to-fail campaign finance system in this year’s budget package.

But there are news reports coming from the Capitol that our leaders in Albany are working toward a more comprehensive and robust system – one that might be strong enough to finally limit the corrupting impact of CEO campaign cash.

This is big news! But those same news reports are also indicating that compromising could result in another gutted system.

Here’s the bottom line: for public campaign funding to work, there needs to be enough public funds for candidates to run competitive races, there needs to be strong enforcement, and it needs to start soon.

Click here to tell Gov. Cuomo and your legislators that if they’re going to get Fair Elections done, they have to do it right.

In an interview yesterday, State Senator Daniel Squadron described how elections work right now in Albany: “Small numbers of heavily invested individuals and corporations drive the system.”

The fact remains that the most effective way to reduce the influence of those big money donors driving the current system is with Fair Elections. It would boost the voices of everyday people by matching small campaign contributions with public funds.

We already know how to make a system that works. We have the evidence in New York City, Connecticut, Maine and Arizona – when the details are done right, Fair Elections can completely change the dynamic and put people back in charge.

A successful public financing system needs to provide enough matching funds to really help candidates who don’t have big money donors be competitive. It needs to apply to all races equally.

And it needs to start in 2016 – the next election cycle, not sometime down the road.

There’s still time to pass Fair Elections before this legislative session ends. Click here to tell your leaders in Albany that it needs to be done right.

Thanks for all that you do,

Karen Scharff
Executive Director
Citizen Action of New York