RT: ​US military should rescue schoolgirls, even without Nigeria’s permission – McCain

Hey that’s original, a “positive” false flag, LOL!
The US needs an image makeover badly, however the Obama administration & globalist power elite will never allow it. There’s no money, oil, guns, drugs, or people to exploit, no gov’t to take over. If the US was really fighting for justice & “crimes against humanity” then why are we in Ukraine supporting a rogue fascist junta gov’t (installed by the CIA) to destabilize the region and attack Russia and Iran?? It’s all about power and control gone mad. The US press can’t spin this story, their real motives are too transparent. Ironic how warlords are the same everywhere, they neglect the hardships of their own people and spread war, suffering, destruction wherever they go. It’s time for all people to unite and stand up to oppression.

!!! RT: Ukraine communist leader: Kiev labeled 7 mn people ‘terrorists,’ slaughtered civilians

Simonenko has called on Kiev to stop its “anti-terrorist operation,” saying it has now turned into a “terrorist operation against its own people.”

“You declared seven million people living in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions as ‘terrorists.’ They went out yesterday [to vote in the referendum], stood in lines since 6 a.m. to vote against Kiev rule, against this regime, against your policy,” he said.
According to Simonenko, the recent events in the cities of Odessa and Mariupol show that Kiev is trying to impose a“nationalist-fascist regime.”