RT: China v America’s cyber-hegemony

The US legal system is a broken farce! We are all slaves to the corporate machinery. “The Western District of Pennsylvania grand jury that indicted the five Chinese military officials did so on behalf of major US corporations such as Westinghouse Electric, US Steel, Alcoa, and a handful of other corporations and entities. Painting these corporations, collectively worth hundreds of billions of dollars, as victims, and the Chinese as unrestrained aggressors, the United States government once again serves as the attack dog for corporate America.

Never mind the hypocrisy of corporations such as these that have shut down US factories and moved much of their operations to China in search of ‘better business conditions’. Never mind the fact that these same corporations have no problem exploiting cheap Chinese labor and technical expertise in search of bigger and bigger profits.”
— Classic, such guile & hubris.

US should return stolen land to Indian tribes, says United Nations

At some point, humanity with evolve beyond imaginary borders, reconciliation with land restoration is a start.
“US justice and interior departments announced a $1 billion settlement over nearly 56 million acres of Indian land held in trust by Washington but exploited by commercial interests for timber, farming, mining and other uses with little benefit to the tribes.”
The attorney general, Eric Holder, said the settlement “fairly and honourably resolves historical grievances over the accounting and management of tribal trust funds, trust lands and other non-monetary trust resources that, for far too long, have been a source of conflict between Indian tribes and the United States.”

Russian Activists to Conduct Independent Studies Proving GMOs Could be Genetic Weapon

If only the US allowed GMO labeling so citizens can make an informed decision about what they’re eating. Alas, most Americans are so fat, dumb and lazy, we don’t even fight for that basic right, for our own health! Oh well, thinning the herd… and propping up the medical-industrial complex.

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gmo russian weapon 263x164 Russian Activists to Conduct Independent Studies Proving GMOs Could be Genetic Weapon

byChristina Sarich

A draft bill is on the table in Russia that would criminalize GMO production and distribution. Now, anti-GMO activists there are looking to create a team of ‘long-overdue’ independent and international researchers that can finally prove unequivocally that GMOs are poison tools created by Monsanto and the corporate, biotech machine.

When you are going to equivocate GMO production with terrorism, a label it truly deserves since it kills people through reproductive organ failure and the drastic reorganization of gut flora, immunity, and even DNA – essentially as a bio-weapon – then you might want to have some hard, solid evidence that can counteract the propaganda which has been circulated by Monsanto’s shills.

According to Elena Sharoykina, director of the Genetic Safety Public Association (GSPA), a 10-year-old NGO in Moscow, it isn’t the first time the term ‘terrorism’ was used to describe what GMOs have done to our…

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