Comparison of GMO and non-GMO corn – the real statistics will astound you!

(NaturalNews) As Monsanto parades their genetically modified seed, throwing it out like candy into the fields, future generations are being subjected to nutritionally void, disease-causing food. As the government protects the GMO industry, with its recent signing of the “Monsanto Protection Act”, the republic’s health interests are being discarded.

A 2012 study, called the Corn Comparison Report, was recently released by Profit Pro and published on the website for Moms Across America March to Label GMOs – a group dedicated to raising awareness about the dangers of genetically modified organisms.

The Corn Comparison Report detailed the nutritional deficiencies of GMO corn compared to regular organic corn. The report reveals the stunning levels of glyphosate in GMO corn and the amount of vital nutrients that have been drawn out.

GMO corn: nutritionally void

The nutrition statistics for GMO corn are bone chilling. Here is what the report indicates:

• Organic corn has 14 ppm of manganese. GMO corn has only 2 ppm.
• Real corn has 7 times more manganese!
• Organic corn has 6130 ppm of calcium. GMO is stripped down to 14 ppm.
• Real corn has 437 times more calcium!
• Organic corn has 113 ppm of magnesium. GMO corn is vacant, with only 2 ppm.
• Real corn has 56 times more magnesium!

GMO corn contains alarming glyphosate levels

The amount of formaldehyde and glyphosate in GMO corn is unbelievable. To break it down, American EPA standards allow glyphosate in water of up to .7ppm. European tests indicate that animals begin experiencing liver damage at .0001 ppm of glyphosate in water. Putting these two statistics together, America’s water levels contain glyphosate that is 7,000 times greater than the amount required for animal liver damage!

GMO corn takes that statistic up yet another notch. GMO corn contains 13 ppm of glyphosate, or the equivalent of 130,000 times more toxicity than EPA water standards!

The formaldehyde level of GMO corn is unspeakable

In a similar study on GMO corn, Dr. Huber found out that animals avoid GMO corn at all costs. When given a choice between both GMO and non GMO varieties of corn, animals always go for the real organic corn. Huber also found out that .97ppm of formaldehyde is toxic to animals. The GMO corn he tried to give the animals contained 200 times that amount!

This begs the questions:

• Why is something this toxic fed to humans?
• Why would humans touch the stuff in the first place?
• Are people devolving?
• Have their instincts been shut down?
• Is their intuition numb?
• Are they distracted by pretty labels and promises of safety?

March against GMOs

Genetically modified organisms are an open invitation to disease, cancer, and infertility. What a person consumes is what they become. Eating nutrient-void, formaldehyde-laden GMO corn is beckoning a disease-ridden population. There is enough evidence out now that explains the horror of genetically modified food. Any corporation that feeds this genetically modified system to the people should be tried for crimes against humanity.

Sadly, Monsanto and other biotech giants may have just been pardoned from their crimes against humanity. Through recent lobbying with the federal government, Monsanto was able to protect their GMO industry and get Congress and President Obama to pass a provision that exempts them from GMO liability. This law was signed into motion on March 26 and allows biotech companies like Monsanto to bypass federal approval tests and plant their GMO crops despite well known health risks. This provision frees biotech companies from their liability to the people and from judicial accountability.

This leaves justice, freedom, and the future of health in the people’s hands.

A worldwide March against Monsanto is scheduled May 25th 1013.

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US desperate to continue world domination strategy: Activist

“The idea that the United States is pursuing some kind of a democratic course in world affairs is just a fantasy. The strategy is a strategy of global domination. Those military bases can’t be explained any other way.

They’re not defending democracy in Saudi Arabia, which has never had an election, they are defending the interests of corporate America, the military industrial oil banking complex that really rules in the United States that dominates politics and dominates US foreign policy.”

US desperate to continue world domination strategy: Activist
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Sat May 24, 2014 8:31AM GMT




Interview with Richard Becker

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Press TV has conducted an interview with Richard Becker, ANSWER Coalition from San Francisco, an argument by Russia’s Vladimir Putin that the US unipolar vision of the world has failed.

The following is an approximate transcript of the interview.

Press TV: The Russian President Vladimir Putin said the world should not be dominated by one power as America’s unipolar vision of the world has failed.

Do you agree with that description that the unipolar vision of the world is non-existent at this point?

Becker: We should recall that it was only a few months after the dissolution of the Soviet Union – which took place on December 25th, 1991 – in March of 1992 it was revealed that a document had been written, it had been authored by Scooter Libby and Paul Wolfowitz in the Defense Department and it called for a strategy – a US global strategy – that would not allow the emergence of a power like the Soviet Union to be able to challenge the United States.

This was the United States strategy, it was called the regional defense planning guide and that has been the strategy of the United States since that time. It really was the strategy going back to World War Two, but they couldn’t implement it while the Soviet Union existed.

So now we see here in 2014 that Washington is trying very hard to maintain this strategy, but the world is changing and no empire lasts forever.

The United States is the biggest empire that’s ever existed, but no empire lasts forever. So there are desperate attempts being made by Washington and all different diplomatic, economic, military, political levels to maintain this position, but it will not last.

Press TV: Let’s look at this in terms of the crisis in Ukraine. It has prompted the question that a new cold war is emerging. We could talk about Russian Prime Minister Medvedev in the interview that he had where he said, “We are slowly but surely moving towards a second cold war and that’s not something that anyone needs at this point”.

So you think that a new cold war is in the making at this point?

Becker: I think it’s clear and it should be clear to everyone that the Obama administration, in response to your other guest’s comments, has now ceded a large part of its foreign policy to the Neo-Cons… Victoria Nuland and the policy pursued by the State Department and by McCain and by others of directly intervening in Ukraine; coming into the protests; giving encouragement; saying who should be the new leader in Ukraine – designating who they think should be the new leader; the step-up in the deployment of forces in the Pacific.

…Obama may have said many things when he was running for office, but the Obama administration is following in many respects the Bush foreign policy – in a more sophisticated way I would say.

Clinton became president after that 1992 Regional Defense Planning document came out and he followed that policy and then was succeeded by George W. Bush who then followed that policy and Obama is following that policy as well.

The big change that is happening now though I think is that the government – the Russian government – was not willing to accede to this step by the West, by the United States and its European Allies to bring Ukraine not only into the European Union, but their intention was to bring Ukraine into NATO and march NATO right up to the doorstep of Russia.

And the response of the Russian government is that that is not acceptable and would put us in very grave danger and so Putin and his government then stepped in and took action against that happening.

So I think what we see happening today is really a result of the over-play of the extreme aggressiveness of the United States and its NATO allies.

Press TV: What is your response to guest comments that after Ukraine elections are completed tensions will die down and be replaced by cooperation between Russia and the West?

Becker: We should be realistic here. We should be realistic about the world that we live in and not entertain some fantasies.

Whatever happens in Ukraine is one thing; there’s no other country that has a thousand military bases spread all over the world; there is no other country that has 80 bases just in South Korea; there’s no other country in the world that approaches the US military spending in fact real US military spending if you add in all the agencies of repression is greater than the military spending of the rest of the world combined.

The idea that the United States is pursuing some kind of a democratic course in world affairs is just a fantasy. The strategy is a strategy of global domination. Those military bases can’t be explained any other way.

They’re not defending democracy in Saudi Arabia, which has never had an election, they are defending the interests of corporate America, the military industrial oil banking complex that really rules in the United States that dominates politics and dominates US foreign policy.

Press TV: When we want to take a look at the path the US is on, I’m not sure whether how far back we can go in terms of how they proceeded, but what comes to my mind is that Project for the New America Century (PNAC), which goes back to the year 2001 if I’m not mistaken and the way the US wants to move forward. Do you think that that time is now under question?

For example let’s take a look at this Summit that took place in China with the Chinese president coming out – and we know the tense relations that now exist between the US and China with the US blaming five Chinese government officials of spying; and whole other issues that obviously China has gripes about.

But, about China, Iran and Russia being in this alliance of security for Asian countries or just putting for example China and Russia with the BRICS countries – Is that weighing heavily on the US and its foreign policy aspirations for example you mentioned with the thousand military bases over the world?

Becker: I don’t think there’s any question about that. And you mentioned the Project for the New American Century – that was the successor or that was the organization that took up the document that had been written in 1992.

And many of the main people in the PNAC were people who had authored that document, which called for there to be a unipolar world; called for one super power in the world and for that super power to be the United States; and for the United States aspiration to be to prevent any other country from rising to oppose it. And now we’ve seen since the beginning of the Bush administration we saw the Iraq war, the Afghanistan war.

The other speaker mentioned Iraq and Ukraine and one of the most ludicrous statements that’s been made in recent history was at a press conference in Brussels by President Obama on March 28th where he said what Russia had done in Crimea was far worse than what the United States had done to Iraq.

The United States invasion and occupation, sanctions and so forth that preceded it, together has largely destroyed Iraq leaving millions of people displaced or killed or wounded and the country torn to shreds.

That was done because Iraq would not bow before Washington and it had nothing to do with the reasons that were given for the war, those were all made-up reasons and I think that is another evidence of the ruthlessness of US foreign policy in seeking its aim of domination, of global domination.

Press TV: Your closing statements?

Becker: It’s absolutely untrue that the crisis in Ukraine was initiated by the Russian government. The Russian government was not seeking a crisis.

The crisis was caused by the United States and its NATO allies attempting to absorb the Ukraine, to bring it into their orbit to dominate to make it part of NATO as part of its overall strategy and directed particularly against Russia if they could bring NATO right to the border of Russia – close to Moscow close to St. Petersburg the heartland of Russia.

That would have been a very major step and it was at that point based on that aggression that the Russian government responded.



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May 26, 2014 2:12 PM
“No empire lasts forever” is WRONG!!!! Anyone who says that is has a small mind. All major empires in the past never has the knowledge of space travel or the kind of electronic technologies we have today. They did not under the power of money, like we do today. Today we know space is vast and so this planet is just a dot. iT IS EASIER not to conquer this planet and move to other planets. Do not fool yourself. If one wants to create an empire that lasts forever, simple destroy the entire planet and rebuild it in your image. Today, nations have the power to do exactly that.STOP Living in the past.
Click to Rate ReplyRating0
Atlanta Bill
May 25, 2014 8:40 AM
Richard can’t admit that the war build-up started even before the guns of the World War were silent in 1952 in Ukraine, with the new CIA led by SS Maj Gen Reinhard Gehlen commanding the German Werwolfen partisans who were supplied and financed from Washington. This was the origin of the “Cold” War, which was a continuation of the war against the USSR with the US and UK allying with Nazi Germany. The other guy is a government shill.
Click to Rate ReplyRating2
May 25, 2014 8:28 AM
America want to continue the charade that they control the world, but even their allies know the Americans are losing their power in the world and they are glad Americans power is being reduced.
Click to Rate ReplyRating6
May 25, 2014 6:31 AM
The US is a Zionist tool, their aim is to start WW3 regardless who is in power in the US.All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the New World Order – David Rockefeller
Click to Rate ReplyRating8
stefin reply to Nosferatu
5/25/2014 8:41:28 AM
It looks like they are trying WW3 challenge now more than ever
Click to Rate Rating2
May 24, 2014 9:41 AM
Great interview!One of the problems is that the US and allies assume they are right, that their view is right, that their actions, even when everything points to them being wrong. Case in point, the desire to launch military strikes against Syria last year on the basis of not having any proof of who was responsible for the chemical weapons attack but immediately blaming Assad.Iraq was wrongful, Libya has been devastated by their action there, and they need to understand they should be listening other views, often much more informed and more intelligent than theirs.A balance of power is needed, what the US wants is a US dominated world, most of the world does not want that and is sick of the warmongering and damage by the US. The UN should be as it says, United Nations, who may have disagreements but express their views and try to resolve differences.
Click to Rate ReplyRating10
John Scullyin reply to Isobel
5/25/2014 5:19:13 AM
You are wasting your breath as the UN is a Zionist run entity.
Click to Rate Rating4
vera gottlieb
May 24, 2014 8:54 AM
The US will never dominate the entire world. With debts up to it’s eyeballs, it will implode under it’s own weight. Empires come, empires go…and this one is ‘going’ too.
Click to Rate ReplyRating31
matein reply to vera gottlieb
5/25/2014 1:16:23 AM
so true!
Click to Rate Rating4
Aryanain reply to vera gottlieb
5/24/2014 10:32:50 AM
What happens when you take a loan or something and say you will pay for it and dont pay for it Nicc? The Bank usually takes it over or you get thrown to jail? I know its in the Anglo Saxon barbarians nature to be deceptive (Quoting the Romans who civilized them). Most of their advancement and wealth is through parasitism through out the world in the last 400 years. Not anymore. What are we going to do? Burn down the entire Western World, Occupy it, Run it according to our will and take in exchange what they owe us, Do to them what they like doing to others (and have for centuries) and send them back to their place to the caves & snow/sand deserts of Africa and Scandinavia. For a Start… Permanently shift power back to the east, its natural position where the sun rises and civilization begins, We will ensure this vermin never rises again.
Click to Rate Rating11
Niccin reply to vera gottlieb
5/24/2014 9:12:12 AM
The debts are not important. What are you going to do if the US govt don’t do anything? Are you or some of your friends going to sue Washington?
Click to Rate Rating4
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