2 thoughts on “Boredom is a Sign It’s Time to Raise Your Vibe – a message from Jennifer Hoffman

  1. That has to be one of the worst things about our capitalist consumer culture – it’s pretty fucking boring. I blame it on the total breakdown of normal social interaction. When I was a child growing up, the high point of my day was when friends of my parents would stop by (unannounced) to socialize and gossip. If we happened to be having dinner, we would set an extra place.

    Now it seems to be a social taboo to visit without announcing beforehand that you’re coming.


    • Yes it’s a sad state of social affairs, western culture has adopted this materialist, elitist attitude – I have to protect what’s mine, all my toys and crap and no one else can play. So it leaves us all isolated, fearful, paranoid, envious… basically antisocial sociopathic charicatures. Thankfully I don’t see much of this behavior from my generation (Gen Y), because we can’t afford anything these days. Most of my friends are juggling 2 or 3 low paying temp jobs to pay the rent and eat. We’ve become extremely resourceful and self sufficient, inherently mobile and creative. Whatever it takes to survive this crazy world. My parents reminisce about the good ole days when they can afford to slack off and socialize, with benefits and job security. I think consumerism has come full circle and we have to evolve beyond this model or be consumed/ exploited by the establishment. On a positive note, awareness forces us to grow up fast and drop the illusions of the past. Thanks for your comment Dr. Bramhall, always great to hear from you!


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