Protect Rare River Dolphin

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Protect Rare River Dolphin

Only 85 rare Irrawaddy river dolphins survive today in a small stretch of the Mekong River in the East Asian country of Laos. However, a developer is poised to dam the river and destroy the dolphins’ last remaining habitat. Demand this exotic and fragile river dolphin be protected from extinction.

And please help with these other important causes:

Denounce Governor for Supporting Big Oil Bailouts

Louisiana’s governor is protecting oil companies from a lawsuit that would hold them accountable for damaging the environment through oil spills and negligence. Urge Governor Jindal to protect the environment instead of promoting the interests of big oil.

Save the Last Wild Ocelots

With only 50 wild ocelots left in the United States, action must be taken to preserve their habitat. Urge government officials to protect these beautiful wild cats.

Success: New Law Passed to Help End Greyhound Racing

Racing greyhounds spend their lives locked in cages and pushed to the point of exhaustion, terrible injury and even death. Applaud recent efforts to end the cruelty of greyhound racing.


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