Inter-Dimensional Invasion Begins


Upon first glance the uninitiated may find this whole idea of Inter-Dimensional beings hard to swallow. I know I did the first time I heard of it. I did not believe that creatures could exist in the higher dimensions of the Universe. Then I heard of  “String Theory” when I was studying for my Bachelors in Physics (B.Sc) in 1992.

String theory the seed concept of “M-Theory”, as mentioned above, ran into a problem: another version of the equations was discovered, then another, and then another. Eventually, there were five major string theories. The main differences between each theory were principally the number of dimensions in which the strings developed, and their characteristics (some were open loops, some were closed loops, etc.). Furthermore, all these theories appeared to be correct. Scientists were not comfortable with five seemingly contradictory sets of equations to describe the same thing.

Then came along a genius theoretical physicist named Edward Witten who combined the 5 versions of string theory that existed into one elegant design, it was coined “M-Theory” in 1994. M-theory, in which the “M” is not specifically defined, but is generally understood to stand for “membrane”. The words “matrix”, “master”, “mother”, “monster”, “mystery”, “magic” have also been claimed. M-theory brought all of the string theories together. It did this by asserting that strings are really one-dimensional slices of a two-dimensional membrane vibrating in 11-dimensional space.

How does someone wrap their head around 11 dimensions? That is a really good question.

Here is an excellent primer on where these entities come from:

We have evolved to only perceive 4 of the 11 dimensions. All events ever experienced by humans throughout history either from the mundane to the extraordinary have at best been reported and recorded using the language of 4 dimensions.  3 spatial (X,Y,Z) and one temporal (time).

That leaves at least 7 dimensions that we are only dimly aware of. If at all. Most people intrinsically understand the spatial dimensions (X,Y, and Z) , it is the structure of all our movements , all the things in which we interact with , it is our life’s experiential structure. But Time is also a dimension, albeit times arrow only runs in one direction under normal Newtonian situations. But it is a dimension none-the-less. It is a axis of freedom in which we move, ever trudging forward ceaselessly.

To quote Delmore Schwartz, “Time is the fire in which we burn”. What sort of experiences and entities burn in the higher 7 dimensions?


Just because we can’t see them, touch them, does not mean they do not exist. It is human bias to think that all there is, is only all that we can see. Reality is much grander and stranger then we can imagine. You can’t see x-rays, cosmic rays, protons, or even the microscopic world but they exist. Without them we could not exist.

M-TheoryThe conundrum in  believing in extra-dimensional life is very similar to the belief or disbelief in Alien life on other planets in our Universe.  The billions of trillions of stars in our observable universe makes some people have faith in the probability that life exists elsewhere. There are so many planets around so many stars life just has to be elsewhere. We can’t just be all there is. It stems from a belief that in the Universe we are not so special. Our star is a normal main sequence star, with an average solar system, with average elements making up all the stuff on earth. All the constituent elements that make us up can be seen in the spectrum of other stars light. There is nothing unique about us or in us, we are not unique by our constituent properties or as a whole.

While at the same time some people believe that life on earth is a singularity an anomaly and has only happened here and no where else. They believe that we are the Universe’s epitome of life. Gods image of perfection as it were. It is the belief that what we see is all there is, and all that can be. Personally I understand that with all the many trillions of stars and planets out in the cosmos…life has to be there. Just because I can’t see something does not mean that it does not exist. I realize my own physical and mental limitations. Not the limitations of the Universe in all it’s dimensions, grandeur, or high strangeness.

Now expand this whole idea to multiple dimensions and multiple universes and the odds that we are alone drops to anasymptotic zero. It is a googolplex (The number 10 raised to the power googol, written out as the numeral 1 followed by a googol (10^100 ) of zeros. ) to 1 that we are it, even more infinitesimal slim odds in my opinion.

medievalUnless stunted by medieval religious beliefs and dogma, or by the lack of a quality education (or both) you may not agree that life is plentiful and among the stars. You may believe that the Earth holds some special spot in the grand scheme of things. It doesn’t. Approximately 10 billion years elapsed without our pale blue dot existing at all. Most likely another 10 billion years or more will elapse long after our Sun goes dark and becomes a brown dwarf. Special huh! Luckily, anyone who does the leg work to get an informed educated view of the Universe, can in my opinion come to only one conclusion. That conclusion is that life is everywhere in Universe.

Extrapolating this into the higher dimensions only takes one caveat to be valid, that is that we are not alone in the Universe. The numbers and types of life out there does not need to be known for this statement to be true. The sheer volume of 11 dimensional space and our total lack of uniqueness proves (in my opinion) that the spark of life glows all over the cosmos. No unique processes occurred on the primaeval Earth that did not occur in countless other young planets or moons.

Being a physicist by education I just can’t believe in magic.

Magic being defined as : the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious or supernatural forces. Everything is understandable and nothing is beyond comprehension. Laws exist that govern everything.  Humans by no means understand everything. But ascribing an event or situation as magical or spiritual is just intellectually lazy. I think some people missed Arthur C. Clarke’s Third Law: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” I believe this pertains to high strangeness as well.

BigfootUfoI believe that all forms of what we call “Paranormal” is normal, maybe just not in our 4 dimensional reality. The “Inter-dimensional Hypothesis” states that UFOs, aliens, shadow people, crop circles, Bigfoot, and ghostly activity are all explained by the passage of beings from another dimension occasionally crossing into our dimension and being witnessed. The method of cross overs are not understood at this time by science. I think the main reason is that a major component in the scientific method is the requirement of reproducibility. Something has to be reproducible to be considered real.  If these so called paranormal events are anything they are certainly not on demand.

Taking the example of the 2-dimensional image and the 3-dimensional person, they exist in the same space (person holding a photograph or watching a TV) but the image has no height and consequently would not perceive such a thing because it is out of the realm of its capability.

So this might be with man in his third dimensional incarnation – we cannot perceive the next dimension because we do not possess that inherent ability or senses. If the 2-dimensional photograph represents a non-intelligent/non-cognizant image of me in the third dimension, so could I in the third dimension cognitively and intelligently represent a version of me in the next dimension? Like the 3-dimensional me adds physicality to the image version of me on photograph. Each incarnation adds more understanding and more unlimited access to the universe; the 2-dimensional sits on a wall, the 3-dimensional flies around the earth, the next dimensions, who knows.

flatland2 (1)Imagine Mr. Photograph in the 2-dimensional form – what if a 3-dimensional person puts their finger on their world. Mr. Photograph only seems length and width and realizes it’s like one of his own kind but he might notice two different things –

1. That this being came out of nowhere and vanished all of a sudden.

2. It is giving off disproportionate amount of  (heat or cold) disruption compared to the other beings in their realm. Due to the fact that there is no commonality of environments.

This kind of understanding might make it easier for us discern when and how and even where other dimensions might be interfering with our own world. Phenomena is always the best indicator and, like those freaky shadow people with detail who come and go with no notice, we see red flags. Heed those red flags. We might not understand the other dimensions, but we might also come to understand when they are intersecting with ours.

Shadow People

Are these shadowy figures ghosts? Inter-dimensional beings? Time travelers? Something darker and more evil? Whatever they are, they seem to be sighted with increasing frequency. 

club_med_5321“WHAT WAS THAT?” You were sitting comfortably on your couch reading the latest issue of FATE in the dim light when movement across the room caught your attention. It seemed dark and shadowy, but there was nothing there. You returned to your reading – and a moment later there it was again. You looked up quickly this time and saw the fleeting but distinctly human shape of the shadow pass quickly over the far wall… and disappear.

Shaking the image out of your head, you assume that it was some peculiar anomaly of your eyesight, however the feeling still lingers that someone continues to watch you. For weeks, months or years, the fast dark movements in your peripheral vision are dismissed until it finally happens without warning. You see the shadow directly in front of you: face to face, blacker than black, darker than dark, like a void that has punched a hole into the inky fabric of night itself.

Here’s how it might work – we are 3 dimensional, we put our finger on a photograph that is a 2-dimensional image. If that 2-dimensional being had thought and vision, he would see only that part that is in the 2nd dimension with him, length and width but not height. So, he’d see another of his own kind appearing and then (when we take our finger away) vanishing! So it would be with interaction between dimensions. Only the portion we perceive in our 3rd dimension would be visible for us and the rest of it would remain only visible for those in the next dimension. This gives a good explanation for the coming and going “out of thin air” and some of the qualities that are not quite like us, such as all black solid looking figure with no detail or sheer-see-thru apparition.

Here is the best video evidence for shadow people. The first video shows several shadow people amongst a “Jim Jones” rally.  These little creatures phase in and out, and appear to morph into a person.

Take a close look at this video, you be the judge…


GhostsSome things explained by this theory include the lack of evidence of visitations, the difficulty capturing them, their ability to show up and then disappear suddenly, and the inability to capture on camera or recording device.

Here is the best evidence proving the existence of ghosts…Take a close look you be the judge…

UFO’s/Visiting Aliens/Biological Entities

UFO_in_Naples___20130809001504_320_240These strange visitors might be from other celestial bodies in our Universe. Nuts and Bolts space ships who learned that the speed limit of the Universe is only a suggestion are coming here.  Some of their behaviour such as de-materialization, strange abduction experiences could be explained by the Hyper Dimensional Hypothesis.

This video shows some of the best evidence of inter-dimensional entities appearing in our 4 dimensional experience. The first video clearly shows some kind of biological creature swimming passed the I.S.S. space station.  Yes, swimming in space. This little beasty might just be an inhabitant in a higher dimension just going about its day, without any perception that it is being recorded by aliens (us).

Take a long look and you be the judge…


Any way you look at the concept of inter-dimensional beings, I actually have it as one of the top of my list of explanations for phenomenon. I am more likely to believe that concept than souls being stuck here because they don’t know they’re dead or they unfinished business which I put light years further down my list.

Just some of the things attributed to being inter-dimensional include; UFOs, grey aliens, reptoids, shadow people, other types of aliens, Bigfoot, Yeti, ghosts, and pretty much anything not explained that is “phenomena.”

What do I think of it? Well, I have zero doubt there are other dimensions and since we do interact regularly with 2-dimensional images like television, there is no reason to think other dimensions don’t access ours or we interact with theirs.

The 2-dimensional photograph might not know we touched them or that they represent an image of someone we love, but we might play a similar role to another dimension – they can interact with us, but we are limited by physicality and 5 senses and are unable to process it except in right conditions when we get a glimpse. The 2-dimensional world can’t mess with us, but we can enter theirs and mess with it – burn a photograph, draw on a sketch, whatever – but it cannot come and mess with our world. So, it might be this way with inter-dimensional beings – they have the ability to affect and enter our world, but we cannot mess with theirs.

♥Thanks for sharing♥

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