The Journey in Consciousness – Osho

“Hence, as man, there is no possibility of peace. Either you have to become absolutely unconscious, like a drunkard when he has taken so much alcohol that he has lost all his consciousness – then there is peace, or you will have to become so conscious that all the nooks and corners of your being are full of light – you become a Buddha or a Christ – then there is peace. Either fall below man, or go beyond man. Don’t go on clinging to being a man, because then you are clinging to a disease.” — Inimitable Osho♥

Sat Sangha Salon

Man is mind.

The word ‘man’ itself comes from the Sanskrit root man, which means mind. If you understand the workings of the mind, you will understand the reality of man and the possibility too. If you understand the inner mechanism of the mind, you will understand the past of man, the present and the future too.

Man in himself is not a being but a passage. In himself man is not a being, because man is continuously a becoming. There is no rest in being a man. Rest is below man or above man.

Below is nature, above is God. Man is just in between – a link, a ladder. You cannot rest on a ladder, you cannot stop on the ladder. The ladder cannot become your abode. Man has to be surpassed, man has to be transcended.

Man is a journey between your two infinities. One is your…

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Pygmy rabbits are adorable little creatures, weighing less than one pound. However, their habitat is being destroyed by warmer temperatures and commercial development. This habitat destruction is threatening to wipe out the remaining pygmy rabbits in the wild. Demand steps be taken to protect the pygmy rabbits by saving their habitat from destruction.

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A humpback whale entangled in fishing nets was saved from drowning by a local whale rescue team. Applaud the team members for their successful rescue and thank them for their continued devotion to whale conservation.

Stop Inhumane Female Genital Cutting

Many women in Africa are forced to undergo a painful genital mutilation procedure before they enter puberty. This practice is barbaric and dangerous. Demand a stop to female genital cutting.

Applaud California for Protecting Endangered Wolves

California is extending endangered species protections to wolves in anticipation of the animal’s return to California’s forests. Thank the state for protecting this iconic species.

Success: Endangered Gorillas Protected from Oil Exploration

A company has agreed to end its oil exploration in Africa’s oldest national park, home to half the world’s critically endangered mountain gorillas. Applaud efforts to protect this precious species.

Applaud President for Easing Student Loan Debt

President Obama is expanding a loan repayment program and lowering interest rates for low-income borrowers. Applaud the President’s efforts to ease the student loan crisis.


PressTV: US beating nuclear war drums, by Paul Craig Roberts

“If the White House Fool, Washington’s media whores and European vassals convince Russia that war is in the cards, war will be in the cards. As there is no prospect whatsoever of NATO being able to mount a conventional offensive threat against Russia anywhere near the size and power of the German invasion force in 1941 that met with destruction, the war will be nuclear, which will mean the end of all of us.” — Dr. Paul Craig Roberts