Rare Red Wolves Need Our Help!


Rare Red Wolves Need Our Help

Red wolves once roamed freely in the southeastern United States. Yet, today they are on the brink of extinction and confined to a small scrub forest in North Carolina. The leading causes of red wolf deaths are gun-shots from hunters who mistake the small wolves for coyotes and from ranchers looking to protect their cattle. It is essential that steps be taken today to protect the few remaining red wolves before they disappear forever.

And please help with these other important causes:

Jail Officers Who Slit Pet Dog’s Throat
Police officers captured a pet dog named “Nala” who had gotten loose, allegedly held the dog down on the ground and brutally slit her throat. The dog proceeded to die an agonizing death from the blood loss. Yet, despite this unbelievable brutality by these officers, the police department merely suspended one officer from duty and placed the other on paid leave. This police brutality towards innocent pets must be stopped. Demand both officers be fired from their jobs and prosecuted fully for their alleged crimes.

Applaud President Obama for Working Towards Paid Maternity Leave

President Obama wants to guarantee paid maternity leave in the United States. Thank the president for working to further this important policy.

Ban Misleading Food Labeling

Consumers attempting to make conscious food choices are being misled by deceptive product labeling. Ban confusing and deceptive labeling of food products.

Stop Eating Dogs in China

Despite growing concern, protest, and activism, the people of China continue to capture, cook and consume dog meat. Urge the Chinese government to put an end to this inhumane and horrific practice.


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