BRICSPost 6-24-14… “New internet law in effect in Brazil”

This is great news, limits the power of NSA.

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stop_spying_glassesWell, at least somebody’s out there trying to correct things.


New internet law in effect in Brazil

The Brazilian government’s new legislation aimed at protecting internet privacy and guaranteeing open access to the web came into effect on Monday in a bid to tighten security after the espionage scandal exposed by former US intelligence contractor Edward Snowden.

The ‘Marco Civil da Internet’ bill was signed into law in April by President Dilma Rousseff, and defines the duties and rights of Internet users and providers.

“The internet you want is only possible in an environment of respect for human rights, especially privacy and freedom of expression,” Rousseff said in a statement on her website after signing the law in April.

Internet security generated a lot of heated debate in late 2013 after reports that the US government had spied on Brazil’s private communications, including e-mails and phone calls…

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