one dishpan at a time

Thx for spreading awareness of the water crisis and the conscious decisions u’r family makes to conserve water. If we all gave up meat and use grey water for growing food, then there would be balance. Not only is eating vegetarian/ vegan healthier for the body but it’s environmentally sustainable. Yes it’s more work than ordering a cheap burger/ fried chicken takeout, but we all save money and have a better quality of life. Plus it’s meaningful to understand where our food and water really comes from, we can appreciate and value it more. The earth’s resources are finite and sacrifice is necessary, like our forefathers before us. BTW, your menu plan sounds delicious Alice, and you get to express your creativity, feeding your family’s mind, body and soul. Vegetarian meal is REAL SOUL FOOD! Blessings♥

2 thoughts on “one dishpan at a time

  1. Thanks so much for re-blogging my post. I’m touched that you value my writing enough to share it with others. Thanks also for your kind words.

    And yes. It was quite a menu. These were parts of more than one meal. I try to cook ahead in mini-marathon batches to manage the work of cooking. This way I don;t have to cook so much each day. I can do a lot of onion chopping all at once.

    I lean toward making a larger pot of a food that can be used in more than one dish or even split and frozen to be used later. For example, I make a large amount of red sauce that can be used on pasta or pizza. Black beans can be eaten on rice, wrapped in tortillas or added to vegetable soup.

    It took a while to re-frame my concept of meals from the meat monolith cooking mentality to the broader and more complex vegetarian approach. I’ve gradually collected a repertoire of international dishes.

    I’m happy to know that eating vegetarian also helps the water crisis.

    All the best,


    • Hi Alice, I believe my grandma would call that traditional home cooking from the old country, everything hand made from scratch, sans the meat. That’s a lot of work slaving in the kitchen, but it shows how much you care for your family. Fortunately for me, there were plenty of organic vegan restaurants in NYC during my college yrs, my friends and I ate well. Now we have organic juice bars everywhere and raw vegan cuisine catered. It’s definitely convenient and nutritious, but I find I feel best just eating simply, lots of raw fruits throughout the day. I try to stay away from the “raw gourmet” foods, they feel too heavy and rich.
      Eating vegetarian is certainly more interesting for the palate, they are so many more natural tasty ingredients to explore and enjoy. I’m so glad you get to experience this creative joy with your family, as well as exceptional health and well being. Bon Appetite!

      Alice, since the recent divorce from your beany baby, I highly recommend you research “liver cleanse/ flush” to keep the bile ducts clear and active. The liver can get clogged over time, to reduce calcification, use a good water distiller to chelate inorganic minerals from the body. Your joints will thank you! Have a blessed time and thanks for sharing your invaluable time and stories with us. I’m enjoying your family life vicariously. 🙂


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