URGENT: Clean water progress at risk

URGENT: Right now, all the progress we’ve made toward closing the loopholes in the Clean Water Act is at risk.

Last month, a House committee voted to halt the EPA’s efforts to close loopholes in the Clean Water Act and protect the drinking water for 117 million Americans. Now, some members of the Senate are trying to do the same. This could derail these protections entirely.

If enough of our senators stand up for our waterways, we can stop this attack.

Send a message to your senators: Don’t listen to the polluters. Let the EPA protect our waterways. 

It has taken us more than a decade to get here — to be on the brink of closing these loopholes and protecting our waterways. Hundreds of thousands of you have weighed in. Hundreds of farmers, small business owners, and local elected officials have spoken up.

But if Congress votes to stop these protections, all that work could go down the drain.

The Senate could vote on whether or not to let the EPA protect our waterways as soon as they return to town. Our advocates in D.C. are doing the math, and it’s going to be really close.

Will you send a quick message urging your senators to vote against attacks on the Clean Water Act?

Yes, I will send a message now.

We’ve come too far now to give the polluters a free pass. I hope you’ll help us fight back.


Heather Leibowitz
Environment New York Director

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